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Daily Announcements 11/29/21

November 29, 2021


11/29/21 Announcements


Schurman : Good Morning GMS students and staff


Hoffek:  Today is November 29, 2021. It’s Mr.Schurman, Mr Hoffek and Ms Mary running the show behind the camera.  Today is: Motivational Monday!  Our Welcoming Ritual is: How are you going to get motivated these final 18 days to get your grades up, improve attendance, or improve behavior? Teachers have students share with a neighbor or the entire class after announcements!


Schurman: GMS starts school at 8:00 am daily, you are dismissed to class at 7:50..

Hoffek: Fun fact of the day:  Like finger prints, your tongue print is also unique to you!

Hoffek:  Students – you will no longer be allowed passes out of class the first 10 minutes of class.  Once you enter the class room, you stay in the class room.  Please take care of restroom during passing periods.

Schurman:  Tutoring is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 4:15. 

 Schurman: Students GMS is a Uniform School and Masks Mandated School, while in the building at GMS and on the Bus to and from school.  Remember the biker shorts, yoga pants, and leggings are not allowed to be worn at school!


Hoffek:  Cell Phones:  Locked in lockers all day. It is also an expectation at GMS to have computers fully charged when you come to school every day!


Schurman: Expectation of the WEEK: Hallways and Lockers

  • Walk on the right side

  • Keep hands, arms, feet, legs, bodies to yourself,

  • Use appropriate language

  • Do not stand in large groups blocking the hallway

  • No running

  • Lockers – 4 times daily

  • Level 2 voices


Hoffek:   Lunch: Today the Cafeteria will be serving: Turkey bacon cheese burger on bun, pizza snack pack, baked beans, chilled apple sauce, milk


Schurman:  All  students listen up!!! WE will be doing SSR during TAPS TIME!  YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE A BOOK WITH YOU AND READ DURING THAT TIME!


Hoffek: GMS Athletics for Today

·       GirlsBball:

·       Boys BBall: Game today vs Chatham at GMS, 4:30 game time, uniforms, no passes out – once you leave the building during the game, you will not be allowed back in.


Schurman: Tardy Policy

  • 1-2 Warning

  • 3-5 1 noon Det.

  • 6-10 2 noon det

  • 11-15 ASD Det.

  • 16-20 1/2 day IH

  • 21+  Full day IH

  • Don’t forget if you get a detention for tardies, you serve that during your lunch shift with Ms Dixon in the library.  Please check the list!


Hoffek:  A lunch: Boys on the east, Girls on the west. A lunch girls will enter the building at the 1900 doors and go up the west stairs.  Boys will go in doorway to hallway behind the gym and proceed to the middle stairs.

B Lunch – 8th Grade lines up against the building and goes in doors to back hallway, 7th Grade lines up by the fence, goes in 1900 doors, up the west stairs


Schurman :  

  • Rm. 107 - Will be open for students during A lunch students may bring lunch and report to 107 — read / homework etc….. 

  • Rm. 103 -  Will be open for students during B lunch students may bring lunch and report to 103 — read / homework etc….. 


With that, let us stand for the pledge.

Both: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


You may be seated. Let us pause for a moment of silence. Use this time to personally reflect on ways you can be successful today.

Hoffek:  It’s Joke Time!!!!

Schurman: Yes Mr Hoffek

Hoffek:  My teacher’s told me I would never amount to much bc I procrastinate…..I told them, You wait and see!!!

Hoffek: Reminder…If you damage school property, you will get a consequence.  This includes any tik tok challenge. 

Schurman:  Today’s weather includes …A high of 48 with a 0% chance of precipitation.  Please wear your coat outside for lunch!

Schurman:  And with that ladies and gentlemen….Hoffek: Work hard, be safe, and wear your masks!