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Reading Resources

17 Ways to help keep your Middle Schooler interested in reading

This article written by Scholastic, offers 17 great ways to keep your student interested in reading! 

11 Ways to Help your Child Read at Home

An article by Dr. Timothy Shanahan explains 11 ways for parents to help their children read at home. One way is to read with or to your child. Even though your student is in middle school, they LOVE to be read aloud to! This is a great way to build your relationship through the tough years to read aloud at bedtime.

Lincoln Library e-Downloads

This link takes you directly to the edownloads resources that are avaliable to all of our students. Your student has received an ecard that they are able to use with our public library to download ebooks. They can read these on their phone or other device while they are at home and it is all FREE to your student.

How to be a Model Reader

Ways to model reading at home!

How can Parents Encourage Teens to Read

This article has 9 tips for fostering a reading environment in your home.