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1800 West Monroe Street
Springfield, IL 62704

Grant Middle School Mission and Vision

GMS MISSION: Grant Middle School will provide a learning environment designed to empower all students to find success academically and socially with a life-long sense of responsibility for their own learning.

GMS VISION: All Grant Middle School students will be critical thinkers. To achieve this vision we will provide an environment that fosters curiosity and positive exploration through a variety of teaching strategies that allows for flexibility to meet the needs of our students.

GMS VALUE STATEMENT: Staff will provide daily opportunities for students to achieve success through student engagement, quality assessments, and a positive school environment. Teachers will provide students with opportunities to respond to higher-level questioning through writing and thoughtful discussion.

GMS GOAL STATEMENT: 100% of teachers will consistently use evidence-based instructional practices.

District 186 Student and Family Handbook 2019-2020

Early Dismissal Every Wednesday

Early Dismissal Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, students will be dismissed at 1:30 for the day. If your child gets a ride home, (does not ride the bus) please be sure to make the necessary arrangements for them to be picked up promptly. Teachers are in mandatory meetings during this time.  Thank you!