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Overview of IESA Requirements


Taken from: http://www.iesa.org/images/logos/iesa/iesa-logo-circle_black.gif

IESA Overiew

Requirements: Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) and District 186 Board Policy require students to submit the following items to the Athletic Director in the main office at Grant before a student may try out for a sport. 1. An athletic card with proof of insurance, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Sportsmanship, and Concussion sections completed. These may be obtained in the main office. 2. Copy of student's birth certificate 3. Physical examination report completed within the current calendar year. The date of the physical must be current for the entire season in which the student is participating.

Overview of District Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Overview

In order to participate in athletics or co-curricular activities, students must be passing each class weekly. If a student is failing a class, he or she will be ineligible to participate in any athletic or co-curricular activity the following week. Eligibility runs from Monday through Saturday of the following week. If a student is receiving a D, he or she is considered borderline. They may participate in the activities, unless the D becomes a failing grade.

Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average, and be passing all classes, at the end of each semester in order to remain eligible to participate in athletics and co-curricular activities the following semester.

Athletic Participation Fee

Athletic Participation Fee Overview

Students shall be assessed a fee for participation in all extra-curricular activities governed by the IESA. There is one-time fee of $60 for participation in all IESA middle school activities.
The fee shall be collectable and payable at the time Athletic Permit Cards are submitted- no pay, no practice, no play.