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The Iles Me to We Leadership Team: "We Take Charge"

February 10, 2016

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” As we research and put into action all we are learning about ecology and becoming active global citizens, we are also joining our imaginations together to create something beautiful. “We Take Charge” is about coming together to use our actions and imaginations to help our dreams of a greener, more sustainable planet come true.
Iles School is in an inner city, urban area of Springfield, Illinois. Our 465 students come from all over the city (since Iles is a magnet school). They represent 21 different nationalities with 21 different native languages spoken in our students’ homes. It is the oldest operating building in our district. It was built in honor of Elijah Iles, a friend of Abraham Lincoln. The Iles Me to We Leadership Team wanted to help create a more peaceful, productive and cooperative neighborhood. Iles is also a Free the Children "We Act" school. Iles students take local and global actions to make the world a better place. Through our Free the Children "We Take Charge" campaign, which promotes service learning, active and compassionate local and global citizenship, we are able to mobilize and work to grow a greener more sustainable planet starting in our own "backyard".

How can we bring all of these different people together while creating beauty and a healthy, nutritional food source in a “food desert”? How will we do this while at the same time teaching students ecology and sustainable development, hone research skills, planning, implementation and follow through? Through our Free the Children "We Take Charge" community garden!