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JMS 2nd Semester Final Exam Schedule

April 11, 2011

Hello JMS Families!
Family vacations and camps are a fun way to spend the summer. We are encouraging our families not to schedule summer camps or family vacations during the last week of school. Student’s last attendance day will be on June 6th. Students are scheduled to take final exams May 27th – June 2nd. Exams will not be given early to accommodate summer or traveling plans. Students who are absent will receive a zero. The guidance deans will give make up exams on June 3rd, only if students have a verified excused absence. Consult with your child’s guidance dean if you have questions about what constitutes an excused absence. Please contact your child’s teacher to ensure he or she is adequately prepared for final exams. Thank you.

05/27 Science/History & Electives ~ A-Day

05/31 Science/History & Electives ~ B-Day

06/01 Language Arts

06/02 Math

06/03 Make Up Exams