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Minute to Win It!™ Assembly

December 1, 2011

JMS will be having a MINUTE to WIN IT!™ Assembly from 12:30-1:30PM on Tuesday, December 20th.

Our JMS cheerleaders will kick off the assembly with a rousing display of jaguar PRIDE!

The format will be similar to the TV game show. This assembly will serve as the kickoff of our Battle of the Classes PBIS contest.

Competitors will include a team of JMS staff members and teams of students from each grade level. These students will be PRIDE card winners. However, if you do not have at least a 92% attendance rate or if you are not referral-free since our last assembly, you will not be able to participate on the teams. The winning "team" will receive a prize.

In order to attend the assembly and be a part of the audience, students will have to meet the criteria of having at least a 92% attendance rate and having no referrals since our last assembly on November 22nd.

So ......... let's get ready to have a great time!