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What Kind of Student Are You?

January 9, 2012

Take this quiz to find out what kind of student you are. Answer each question with Almost Always, Sometimes or Hardly Ever.

1. I complete homework assignments.
2. I have everything I need with me when I go to class [books, pencils, paper, etc.].
3. I use the time teachers give us in class to start on my homework.
4. I take good notes.
5. I ask and answer questions in class.
6. I know how to memorize information.
7. After reading an assignment in a textbook, I know what I've read.
8. I get along well with my teachers.
9. I am good at taking tests.
10. I am happy with my grades.

Give yourself 2 points for each Almost Always, 1 point for each Sometimes and 0 for each Hardly Ever response.

What Your Score Means
20-16 points: You are a good student.
15-11 points: You are a student who could be getting better grades.
10-6 points: Your grades probably aren't very good.
5-0 points: Your grades need serious improvement. Don't give up!

[Adapted from How To Get Good Grades In Ten Easy Steps from Woodburn Press}