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Hallway Expectations

January 11, 2012

We are experiencing a problem with the number of students who are in the hallways during class time. Additionally, the behavior of many students while in the hallways has been disruptive and disrespectful. For these reasons, students will no longer be allowed in the hallways without a pass or an escort during class time. Once students are in class, they are to remain in class until their teacher dismisses them. Students ~ do NOT ask to go to the restroom unless it's an emergency, go to your locker, or go to one of the offices, because your teacher's answer will be "no."

Further, students need to be in class, seated and ready to learn before the start of class. Due to a large number of tardy students who remain in the hallways following the bell, we will be conducting random "hallway sweeps" at Jefferson. In the event of a "sweep," teachers will close their classroom doors after the tardy bell and any students who remain in the hallways will be escorted to the cafeteria. There, they will receive a warning for the first hallway sweep tardy along with a phone call home. The second hallway sweep tardy consequence will be an after-school detention along with a phone call home. The third and every consecutive hallway sweep tardy will require a parent to bring the student to school for a conference and the student will receive an all day Buddy Room assignment. Students may receive additional consequences as they will still be counted tardy to class. "Hallway sweeps" will occur unannounced for the remainder of the school year. To avoid the consequences that will be assigned to tardy students during a "sweep," all students need to make sure they are in class on time and are ready to learn.

Students, please remember the following:
• You have three minutes to get to class. You have enough time to go to the restroom.
• Do NOT report to an office to ask for a pass to class, the answer will be "NO."
• You are only allowed to visit your locker before & after school and before & after lunch.
• Show respect to yourself, others, and property while in the halls by moving quickly and quietly to class — keep your hands to yourself and use language that is appropriate for school.
• If any adult gives you a direction, follow it the first time without arguing.
• Arrive to class on time and ready to learn.
• WE ARE HERE TO LEARN — and learning takes place in the classrooms. Our goal at Jefferson Middle School is to produce world class citizens who are educated, productive and competitive in our society.

Thank you for your compliance and support of our school expectations.

Sena Nelson