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JMS Spring Fannie May Candy Fundraiser

February 20, 2012

JMS is again pleased to announce a spring shop-at-home fundraiser in affiliation with Fannie May Candy. The sale will run from February 16th-27th. All orders and money must be turned in on February 27th. Make sure your student's name is on both the order form and money envelope.

The profits generated by this sale will go towards classroom materials, equipment and activities designed to enhance the educational experience of all students. Your support in any amount would be greatly appreciated.

All money should be collected at the time of ordering. All checks should be made payable to Jefferson Middle School. Products will be delivered in late March or early April.

All boxes of candy sell for $11 — no sales tax — which is much less than what the candy sells for in retail stores. The quality is guaranteed. Also, when stored in a freezer, Fannie May candy will stay fresh for up to one year.

• Sell just one box or more and receive a Fannie May candy bar.
• For every 5 boxes sold, students get a chance to win $100 cash!
• Students get a free 1/2 pound box of Fannie May candy for every 8 boxes sold. Be sure to order your free boxes in the upper right corner of the order form.
• For every 10 boxes sold, students get a cash envelope with a $1, $5, or $10 bill inside.
• The top seller of the school will receive $50 cash!
• There will be a special drawing. Students who sell 20 boxes or more will have their name entered into a multi-school drawing for a chance to win $1,000 cash or $500 cash!