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JMS ISAT Prize Winners!

March 14, 2014

Congratulations to the following students who have won prizes for being in attendance for ISAT testing! The grand prize basket winners will be announced on Monday.

Jump to the Front of the Lunch Line Coupons
Jason W.
Harley K.
Robert G.
Christon J.
Tyler K.
Richard G.
Gabe A.
Alexa S.
Damion J.
Ronell D.
Marvion C.
Shayla A.

Coupon for One Items from Snack Attack
Tyvion B.
Trish P.
Dylan P.
Dontrerrell C.
Dantey S.
Tierra T.
Terron B.
Danielle M.
Trecin G.
Cody F.

Dinner Coupons from Burger King, Hardees & Texas Roadhouse
Kaylyn P.
Spencer M.
Denver M.
Adam J.
Desiree M.
Parker O.
Jerica E.
Alfred B.
Mykeyla W.
Giavanni C.-C.
Vontrez H.
Jordan G.

2013-2014 JMS Yearbook
Juana G.-P.
Emily S.
Nate J.
Datron G.

Gabrielle W.
Dresia R.
Makala G.

JMS PRIDE String Bag
Dylan S.
Haley P.
Corbin C.