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WICS NewsChannel 20 Spotlights the Looking Glass Project

July 29, 2014
The Looking Glass Project ~ Click on the video to view.

From the News Department of WICS NewsChannel 20 ~ Michelle London


Appearances Salon In Springfield To Launch The Looking Glass Project
Ten, rising high school freshmen from Jefferson Middle School were chosen to be a part of The Looking Glass Project. The purpose behind it is to build self esteem and confidence.

"I honestly wanted to learn more about how to enhance my appearance 'cause I'm already pretty confident," said participant, Alexandra Arther.

The teens meet at Appearances Salon in Springfield once a week where they learn how to do their hair, nails, skin and make-up.

Karen Crump, the Principal at Jefferson says this project is perfect for this impressionable age group.

"They're starting a new chapter in their life. In middle school, they go through a few changes and then when they go through high school it's like a new beginning for them," Crump said. "So it's a self-discovery, embracing who they are and finding out their likes and dislikes."

She also says these girls have become accustomed to viewing unrealistic standards of beauty in the media.

"That's the part that the young ladies don't see, the enhancement piece," Crump said. "It's not what you see on tv, what you see on bilboards, what you see in the model aspect."

It's through educational videos, workshops and even photo shoots, Crump says these students learn to embrace and accept who they are; and it's paying off.

"[It's] definitely [helped] my confidence," Arther said. "A weak woman does not last long in high school, so I am told."