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Safety & Security Procedures

October 16, 2014

Jefferson Middle School
3001 Allis Street
Springfield, IL 62703

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Springfield Public Schools
Random Wanding/Search Notification

Jefferson Middle School in cooperation with the Springfield Public Schools and the Sangamon County Sheriff Department conducted a wanding/search exercise today and it involved all students in your child's classroom. The period of the day and the classroom involved in this exercise were both selected at random.

This procedure is used to ensure the safety and security of our schools and to ensure students are not holding items that could be considered dangerous or could potentially cause harm to another person.

Students were taken individually to the adjacent hallway where security conducted a wanding/search. Each student was then escorted to a supervised classroom or hallway until the wanding/search was completed. At that time, all students were escorted back to their classroom.

School personnel may have also inspected your child's hallway locker and/or physical education locker. All items in these lockers were thoroughly inspected and remained in the order as they were found.

Jefferson Middle School, the Springfield Public Schools, and the Springfield Police Department thank you for your cooperation. Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you have any questions.

Karen Crump