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Text Message Notification Options

December 18, 2014

Dear parents/guardians:

Springfield Public School District 186 plans to begin using text notifications for weather cancellations, significantly late busses*, and other important messages. If you are interested in receiving text notifications, please use one of the sign up options below. Please be aware that you may receive both a phone call and text message from Parentlink (automated phone service) whenever automated messages are utilized, if you choose to sign up for text notifications.

*Late bus notices are based on the communication District 186 receives from First Student.

Option 1 - Self Sign Up Using the District Information System
If you have access to your student's electronic cumulative folder, you can sign up for text notifications using the following steps. In order to expedite the sign up process, we suggest using this option.

1. Log onto the Information System https://186.springfield.k12.il.us/IS3/
2. From the side menu, select Prefs.
3. From the top menu, select Notification Config.
4. Add phone number for texts. (Please note that if you already receive other notifications by text, a number will be listed.)
5. Select a service provider.
6. Click the box to agree to accept any fees charged by your service provider for receiving text messages.
7. In the ParentLink section, click the text box.
8. Click save at the bottom of the page.

Option 2 - Complete and return this form to your student's school.

Student Name ____________________________________________________________________

Parent Name _____________________________________________________________________

Please list your primary phone number (the home or cell phone number that should be considered as primary).
(____) ______ - ________

Can this number receive text messages?
_____ YES _____ NO

If the primary phone cannot receive text messages, please provide a phone number to receive text messages.
(____) ______ - ________

_____ I accept any fees charged by my service provider for receiving text messages.

Parent Signature _______________________________________ Date ____________________

_____ I do not want text notifications.

Parent Signature _______________________________________ Date ____________________