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JMS Finals Schedule

May 17, 2010

• Students will take finals Wednesday, May 26th – Friday, May 28th.
• The last day of school is June 1, 2010. Please refrain from scheduling vacations or out of town trips until after the last day of school.
• Students may not take finals early. Make up exams will be available to students who have an excuse that can be verified and approved by the guidance department or principal. Please make sure your student prepares for his/her final by contacting the teacher if you have questions, checking with your child to make sure they have notes, books, and other material provided by the teacher to help them successfully pass their final exam.

May 26 - Health, PE, Information Technology, AVID, Band

May 27 – Language Arts, Science/History, Art/Music

May 28 – Math, History/Science, Music/Art

Be Prepared!