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Sangamon County Announces New Programs and Additional Assistance Program Appointment Days for Eligible Residents

September 2, 2009


Sangamon County Community Resources will be offering additional programs and assistance program appointment days through the DCEO CSBG American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant. Call-in days begin on Friday, August 28 until August 2010 or when funding for programs depletes. To qualify for the programs, applicants must be residents of Sangamon County and fit into income guidelines listed below. Programs include: clothing vouchers for school-age children (new), birth certificate vouchers for Early Start (new), emergency rent, dental, dentures (new) , prescription drugs and transportation. Most program appointments may be made by calling 535-3120. Birth certificates may be obtained by contacting Leanne Haage (525-3163), Springfield Public School Early Start Screening Coordinator for appointments on September 2. Clothing voucher appointments will be held until vouchers have been depleted.

Clothing Vouchers for School Children: Call in days – Every Friday with appointments held on Mondays.

Emergency, Rent, Dental, Dentures: Call in days – Third and fourth Mondays of month. Rent appointments held following Tuesdays and Dental and Denture appointments held on following Wednesdays.

Transportation: Call in days – Second and third Wednesdays of months with appointments held on following Thursdays.

Prescription Drugs/Medication: Call in days – Every Thursday with appointments held every Friday.

Birth Certificates for Early Start Students: Call Springfield School District at 525-3163 for an appointment on September 2.

Please click on the attachment to your right to view a chart of important information.

For more information, please contact Community Resources at 535-3120.