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AVID Binder Supply List

August 10, 2009

Binder supplies for 6th, 7th, & 8th AVID classes:
1. Binder- at least 3 inches thick; preferably a binder that closes with a zipper. Binders have tendency to wear out; you may consider buying a backup binder now if you find a sale.
2. At least two pencils
3. At least two pens
4. At least two highlighters
5. An eraser
6. Ruler
7. Loose leaf paper
8. Dividers for paper for ALL subject areas, including AVID
9. Folders for all subject areas, including AVID
10. Zipper pouch that will fit in the binder
11. Student planner- available at Jefferson for $3.00
12. Optional-Calculator
13. Optional- A thesaurus and dictionary

AVID students are required to have binders with them at all times, while in school. I check these binders about once a week and the binder checks are a large portion of the AVID grade.

The list provided is what the AVID student needs at school each day, but I would advise the parent/guardian to buy extra supplies now, in order to have as a backup as the year progresses. These supplies will need to be replaced as they wear out throughout the year.


AVID teacher: Kathy Stearns
Call: 525-3176
Email: Kstearns@springfield.k12.il.us