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JMS Back to School Dance

August 29, 2016

When: Friday
Time: 3-5PM
Where: JMS Gym
Cost: $3 Per Student

Welcome back to school! Our 1st dance will be held on Friday from 3-5PM. There will be a live DJ and snacks for sale.

For $1, students may choose to wear school appropriate non-uniform clothes on Friday. Dollars will be collected during 1st period and wristbands will be issued. Please refer to page 31 in the SPS 186 Student and Family Handbook for specific dress code guidelines.

Activity buses will be available to take students home at the end of the dance. If parents are picking up students, please arrive promptly. You may pick up from any parking lot, on Allis Street or on S. 14th Street. Students will exit the building from the gym lobby doors on the southwest end of the building.

Please ask your student for the dance flyer being sent home this week. It has all of the dance dates for the school year and other important information on the back side.