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Fannie May Fundraiser

March 13, 2009

We are kicking off our Fannie May Fundraiser today! Students will be selling 1/2 pound boxes of Fannie May candies in order to help offset the cost of the end of the year class trips. Important information is being sent home today. Parents ~ please be sure to read the informational letter.

Orders will be accepted until Tuesday, March 24th. Money must be collected at the time of the order. Checks should be made payable to Jefferson Middle School. Delivery will be in April.

Everyone who sells will receive a prize. If you sell one box of candy, you will receive a large Fannie May candy bar. If you sell a total of 5 boxes, you will qualify for a drawing for a $25 prize. For every 8 boxes sold, you will receive a free box of Fannie May candy as well as the candy bar. For every 10 boxes sold, in addition to the free box of candy & candy bar, you will receive an envelope that contains either $1, $5, or $10. The top 4 sellers in the school will automatically receive a $25 cash bonus. For every 20 boxes sold, in addition to the prizes listed above, your name will be entered in a multi-school drawing for a chance to win $1000 cash!

Let's support our school and get out there and sell!