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United Way Fundraising Campaign

October 16, 2018
United Way 2018 Logo

From October 17th through November 2nd, JMS will be participating in the annual United Way Fundraising Campaign. Here are some of the planned activities:

  • Theme Basket Raffle - 50¢ per ticket or 3 for $1. These baskets will be put together by teachers for you to win!

  • Themed Dress - $1 to dress according to the theme. 10/24 is college/sport team shirt day; 10/31 is hat/cap or Halloween shirt [NO COSTUMES, MASKS, or MAKE-UP]; 11/2 is a dress down day.

  • Guess How Many - 50¢ a guess or 3 for $1. Guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar and the closest guess takes it home.

  • Pie in the Face! - Add money to the jar of the staff member you most want to see get a pie in the face!

  • Assembly for Pie in the Face & Staff vs Students Sports - Pay $1 on November 2nd to attend this fun assembly. See staff show off their athletic skills against your fellow students. Find out who will get a face full of pie1

Help JMS raise awaremess, funds, and have fun!