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Guidelines for Appropriate Behavior ~ BB City Tournament, 01/16-18/2019

January 14, 2019

Students — Please remember that the Boys' Basketball City Tournament this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the BOS Center is a school function and all behavior guidelines will be enforced at all times during the City Tournament. Any inappropriate behavior displayed at the City Tournament will result in consequences that will be enforced by the administration of Jefferson Middle School. This includes behavior inside the BOS Center, as well as adjacent to the facility.

In addition, we want to remind everyone that students are expected to wear clothing that does not include lewd, obscene, or vulgar language or representation of anything illegal. Large chains or wallet chains are not allowed. Caps may be worn, but the bill must remain facing forward.

No seating will be allowed in the balcony. Therefore, no spectators are allowed in the balcony area.

Please remember that the Springfield Police Department will be wanding all spectators as they enter the BOS Center.

Students are prohibited from standing on the seats at any and all times.

Anyone leaving the main court floor with approximately five or fewer minutes remaining in the second game will be required to exit the building. Also at this time, all individuals in the lobby area will be asked to leave the building. No one will be allowed to return to the main court or inside the building at this time.

All spectators are expected to remain seated during all games. Anyone standing or roaming about will be asked to sit in the stands.

All side doors must remain closed. Anyone allowing entry through a side door will be instructed to leave.

Failing to abide by the City Tournament expectations may result in you being escorted from the BOS Center. If you are escorted from the BOS Center you will not be allowed to return to any future games this weekend.

The second game will conclude at approximately 9:15PM. Please make sure your ride, if needed, is available to pick you up at that time.

Most importantly, we hope you and your friends have fun and enjoy the City Tournament this weekend. The Tournament should prove to be very exciting, safe, and enjoyable for fans of all ages!