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May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

• Attendance of 92%
• Good Education
- Good Grades
- Preparing You for Life
• Good Behavior
- Respect Yourself
- Respect Others
- Respect Property

We will be outside at lunch today.

As a snack or to carry in your school bag, make a trail mix of your favorite nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Choose from many possibilities such as almonds, soy nuts, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, figs, or dates. Be sure to brush your teeth after you eat.

Jawon W.!

• Please remove all hats when you enter the building.
• You will not be allowed in the building in the mornings until 7:50AM unless you have a pass. NO EXCEPTIONS!
• No 3-D glasses
• No rubber bracelets
• No gum
• No ponytail holders to be worn anywhere other than your hair
• No jackets in classroom
• No jackets or sweatshirts worn tied at your waist
• No hoodies in the classroom
• No sagging of pants
• No shirts tied or knotted in the back
• No backpacks or string bags allowed in the classrooms
• All cell phones should be turned off and kept in your locker during the school day. This includes before and after school when you are walking in the halls.
• All hats must be kept in your locker during the school day.

Main Entree: Shredded Pork; Grilled Chicken; Chicken Strips; Corn-on-the-Cob

Pickles on sale for $1!

Tomorrow's Breakfast: Pancakes-on-a-Stick

• Students with overdue books will have a noon detention the first 10 minutes of their lunch hour everyday in the library until their overdue books are returned. Get those books returned to the library!

Students may take books off of the card in the library lobby. They are free.

Yearbooks ~ Yearbooks are still on sale for $23. Order your yearbook today ~ limited quantities are available! See Mrs. Nosa in room 115.

Track ~ NO track practice today!

Congratulations to our Sectional placers Torri C., Aundre W., Jace F., and Dontarius A.!

Congratulations to our State qualifiers Torri C., Edwin G., Dontarius A., Jace F., Adrian G., Aundre W., Devonte R., Aaron W., & Braedyn A.!

Southeast High School Soccer ~ If you are interested in playing soccer at SSEHS next year, call 502-1080. Leave your name & number with Mrs. Buscher or Curry Buscher. They will get back to you with summer practice information.

Southeast High School 2012-2013 Boys' Basketball Camp ~ Camp to be held June 18-22. Pick up an application and more information in room 110 from Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Nikson.

Lanphier High School Basketball Camp ~ The LHS basketball camp will be held June 11th-15th. Register now. Come to room 214 for registration forms and more information.

Marke Freeman Boys & Girls Fundamental Basketball Camp ~ Marke Freeman Boys & Girls Fundamental Basketball Camp for 3rd-8th grades to be held June 25-29 at Lanphier High School. For more information, please pick up a brochure in the Guidance Office.

Springfield Striders Track Club ~Sign up to be a part of the Springfield Striders Track Club. There will be an informational meeting today at 5:30PM at Southeast High School Commons. Practice starts June 5th at Southeast track from 5:30-7PM. For more information about registration, call: Angela Harden at 744-3728 or Mary Watters at 546-7236.

If you have moved or have a different phone number, please let Mrs. Frye know.

LLCC Summer College for Kids Courses
Lincoln Land Community College will be offering a number of summer classes and camps for kids. Some of the offerings are Crafts & Hobbies classes, Culinary classes, Language Arts classes, Math & Science classes, Music & Theater classes, Social Science classes, and Visual Arts classes as well as volleyball, baseball, soccer, softball, and basketball camps. For more information, go to the JMS Guidance Office for a packet.

Freshmen Forward is a three-day freshmen orientation that will be held Tuesday, August 7th, Wednesday, August 8th, and Thursday, August 9th. Freshmen Forward will run from 8:24AM-2:17PM all 3 days. Incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to interact with other freshmen, upperclassmen, teachers, and administrators. Sessions will include information to help make the transition to high school a smooth one.

Empathy/Acts of Kindness:
Today I want to issue a challenge to everyone in this building, both students and staff, to try to perform an act of kindness for someone else. This could be holding the door open for someone, helping someone pick up something They've dropped, picking up a piece of trash in the hallway, or just giving someone a compliment.

At JMS I will ....
Discipline &
to show my Jaguar PRIDE!