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October 9, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Respect yourself. • Respect others. • Respect property.

It is never ok to be disruptive. It is never ok to be hurtful.

Teachers ~ Please check dress code. Anyone out of dress code should be sent to Guidance. Also, check planners to make sure each student has her/his planner and not someone else's planner. THANKS!

Students may not wear shorts and capris. Only long pants may be worn. Also, you may only wear a short-sleeved plain white t-shirt under your uniform polo shirt.

You may not wear jackets in the classroom.

Students ~ you may not chew gum at school. It is especially important that you follow this rule around technology. If you are using your laptop and are chewing gum, this is a violation of the AUP that you signed. You will be issued consequences.

On this day in 1934, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Detroit Tigers in the seventh game of the World Series.

Main Entree: Sloppy Joe's; French Fries; Cole Slaw
Tomorrow's Breakfast: Cheese Omelets or Cinnamon Glazed Toast

Please remember to take a jacket with you to lunch. It is getting cold outside and you are not allowed to go back to your locker after you eat.

You must eat or drink all snacks before you leave the cafeteria. Nothing is allowed outside! Clean up after yourself in the cafeteria.

Students ~ You must sit on the correct side of the cafeteria. Lunch detentions will be given if you are on the wrong side!

When you go outside at lunch, you must choose an activity and stick with it. You may choose to walk and talk, football, soccer, swings, or basketball. Standing around is not a choice. You must actively participate in an activity.

School pictures will be taken today during 1st block. Students must wear their uniform. Students must bring picture money and the order form if they want to order pictures. All students should have their picture taken even if they don't plan on purchasing anything.

The September Student of the Month lunch will be held tomorrow in the library during your regular lunch shift.

Beta Club is a service group for students who maintain a 3.0 GPA. We will hold meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Our first meeting is October 15th after school in Mrs. Huffman's room [room 113] from 2:35-4PM. If you would like to join Beta Club, see on of the following teachers to pick up a membership petition: Mrs. Beebe, Mrs. Huffman, or Mrs. Stearns. Petitions must be completed and turned in at your first meeting.

Create your own digital photography exhibit! This is a free program to learn how to create, edit and publish photographs with digital cameras and computers. The program starts October 27th and ends on December 10th. It meets every Monday and Thursday from 4-6PM at the Lincoln Library Main Branch in the Youth Services Story Room. More information and registration forms are in the JMS main office.

• Students ~ you should drop off your PE clothes in the locker room at 7:50 AM when you enter the building.

• Students who have PE 4th block need to put their uniforms back on at the end of class. You may not leave the gym for dismissal in your gym clothes.

• Students are not allowed on the stage! The expensive stage curtains are being damaged. Stay off the stage at all times!

All 6th grade physicals are due now! Please get them in to the office as soon as possible.

It is very important that you come to school everyday! Come to school and be prepared to learn each and every day of the school year. We need to maintain at least a 90% attendance rate for meeting AYP.

Attendance Report for the Previous School Day
6th Grade - 158 Present - 93% Attendance Rate
7th Grade - 154 Present - 85% Attendance Rate

7th & 8th Grade Students ~ In order for you to be able to use your laptop, your AUP form must be signed and turned in to Mrs. Gephart. Forms can be found on the door of room 116 and in the Guidance Office.

Congratulations to the grand prize winners from our fall fundraiser!

3rd Place: Stephen M. who receives $25
2nd Place: Diontai T. who receives $50 and $100 worth of food, pizza, and/or cheesecake
1st Place: Hayden H. who receives $100 and $200 worht of food, pizza, and/or cheesecake

Girls Basketball
The next 7th & 8th grade girls basketball game will be held today at JMS at 3:30PM.

6th Grade Boys Basketball
6th grade boys will have basketball tryouts Friday from 4-5PM.

6th Grade Girls Basketball
6th grade girls basketball team will have practice tomorrow after school from 2:30-4PM.

No passes should be issued during class time! If students are found in the hallway, they will be escorted back to your room.

Don't forget to turn in your PRIDE cards for prizes!

Whenever you have a guest teacher, you are to show him/her the same respect as you would your regular teacher. The guest teacher knows the BIST procedures. If you are asked to go to the Safe Seat, you must move to the Safe Seat. If you must be removed from the classroom, you will be escorted to room 109 and issued two after-school detentions.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property