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May 30, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008
Respect yourself. • Respect others. • Respect property.

STUDENTS ~ There are several days of school left & we still have lots of learning opportunities ahead of us. Some of you seem to be forgetting our expectations and interfering with the learning process of others. At JMS, we expect you to treat all others in a respectful manner, and you should expect that in return. We want to end the year on a positive note, and need you to help with that by committing to doing your best every day all day.

No passes should be issued during class time! If students are found in the hallway, they will be escorted back to your room.

When the 5 minute bell rings in the morning, you are to go to your 1st hour class. Many students are loitering in the halls long after the 8AM bell rings. The tardy policy will be enforced for all hours of the day and for all classes. THIS INCLUDES GYM CLASSES.

Main Entree: Mini Corn Dogs; French Fries; Corn-on-the-Cob

Any boy or girl interested in playing some 3-on-3 basketball tournaments or interested in participating in the Andre' Iguadala basketball camp should top by room 214 to pick up applications. See Mr. Hamilton if you have any questions!

Please turn in your track uniform to Mr. Taylor or Mr. Blunk. Put your uniform in a bag with your name on it. You will be finded $85 if your uniform is not returned.

All library books need to be turned in this week. No more check-outs are allowed!

St. John's Hospital's AthletiCare is sponsoring classes that will help educate athletes on the dangers of ACL injuries. The next classes will begin June 16th and will meet M/W/F at AthletiCare from 8-9AM or T/Th/F at Lutheran High from 9-10AM. For more information, please contact AthletiCare at 744-7529.

The Department of Natural Resources & the Springfield Jaycees are sponsoring a kids fishing clinic on Saturday, June 7th at Conservation World on the Illinois State Fairgrounds. This is open to all children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old. Registration and fishing begins at 7AM and ends at noon.

Yearbooks are still on sale for $40. You may buy one in the main office. If you bought one earlier in the year, you may pick it up from Mr. Battles.

The Springfield Urban League had their First Annual Minority Health Month 2008 Youth PSA contest and JMS had 3 students that will receive money!

In the poster contest:
John O.'s poster on "Don't Start" placed 2nd. He will receive $175.

Reco H's poster on "Be Safe: Talk to Your Parents" placed 3rd. He will receive $100.

In the video contest, Faith M. placed 2nd and will receive $275.

Congratulations to our winning students!

• Students — please be in your seat when the tardy bell rings!

Hallway behavior is very important. If you run, hit, curse, etc. in the halls, you will receive an after-school detention for 1 1/2 hours. You will also receive one if you roam the halls during class time.

BIST ~ Teachers are only going to redirect you once! After that, if you do not follow proper classroom procedures, you will be asked to move to the "Safe Seat" in the classroom. Please move to the Safe Seat without arguing. There will be consequences for being sent out of the classroom to a Buddy Room or Recovery.

Guest teachers are aware of our BIST procedures. Please respect our guest teachers.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property