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March 19, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Respect yourself. • Respect others. • Respect property.

Thursday is the last day of 3rd quarter and a 1:30PM dismissal day. Please make sure all assignments are turned in!

Remember: It is not ok to disrupt class. It is not ok to be hurtful to others!

Keep your hands, feet & other objects to yourself!

Main Entree: Popcorn Chicken; Mashed Potatoes & Gravy; Green Beans
A la Carte will be open.
Tomorrow's breakfast will be breakfast bagels.
Tomorrow's lunch will be Chili Cheese Dogs & French Fries.

Beginning after break, any salad dressing or hot sauce sold without a salad will cost 25ยข.

6th grade full band today during 6th hour!

PRIDE Club will meet during lunch in room 210 today.

There will be a very important Beta Club meeting today after school in the library until 4PM. We will be discussing the fundraiser.

We have a new bell system that is not as loud as our old system. PLEASE make sure you are in class on time!

Next year you will only have three minutes for passing time.

Congratulations to Wesley R., art student extraordinaire, for having his 3-point perspective drawing chosen to represent JMS in the District Art Show! Wes's artwork will be on display in the Board Office through the end of the school year.

Thursday will be a 1:30 PM dismissal day! There will be a free dance during 7th hour for all students who attended every day of ISAT week.

The following volleyball girls have these fines:
Callie J. - Volleyball uniform
Chelsey F. - Volleyball t-shirts
Jamie S. - Volleyball uniform
Natalie R. - Volleyball t-shirt
Rachel R. - Volleyball shoes & uniform
Susan P. - Volleyball uniform

Please turn in your uniform into Ms. Southard as soon as possible! These fines need to be paid as soon as possible.

The next Project Next Generation workshop will run from April 8 to May 15, meeting Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4-6:30PM at Lincoln Library on 7th and Capitol. Our theme is video editing. We will write, film, & edit our own videos. We will save them to DVD. See Mrs. Rennison if you are interested.

This is a reminder to ALL students to keep their hands to themselves while at school.

• Students — please be in your seat when the tardy bell rings!

Hallway behavior is very important. If you run, hit, curse, etc. in the halls, you will receive an after-school detention for 1 1/2 hours. You will also receive one if you roam the halls during class time.

BIST ~ Teachers are only going to redirect you once! After that, if you do not follow proper classroom procedures, you will be asked to move to the "Safe Seat" in the classroom. Please move to the Safe Seat without arguing. There will be consequences for being sent out of the classroom to a Buddy Room or Recovery.

If you are asked to go to the Safe Seat and you refuse, you will receive at least 2 after-school detentions!

Guest teachers are aware of our BIST procedures. Please respect our guest teachers.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property