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February 15, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008
Respect yourself. • Respect others. • Respect property.

Black History Month began on February 1. Each day you will be given a multiple-choice question to answer. If you know or research the answer during the day, place the answer on a half sheet of paper with your first and last name along with your first hour teacher's name. Students who have the correct answer will receive a small prize in honor of their knowledge.

You must have your answer in the mailbox by the library door by 8AM the following morning before the question's answer is give on the announcements. If all the required information is not on the half sheet of paper, no prize will be awarded.

Today's question:
"Black Codes" was legislation passed after the Civil War for what purpose?

A. Limit the kinds of work Black people could do
B. Eliminate segregation of schools, housing, and transportation
C. Prohibited Blacks from entering towns without permission

The answer to Thursday's question:
Norma Merrick Sklarek was the first African-American woman to be licensed as an architect in the United States. She was born April 15, 1928 and graduated from Barnard College (part of Columbia University) in New York, New York, with a degree in architecture in 1950. She became a licensed architect in New York State in 1954, and in California in 1962. In 1985, she became the first African-American woman architect to form her own architectural firm.

Remember: It is not ok to disrupt class. It is not ok to be hurtful to others!

Keep your hands, feet & other objects to yourself!

Do you know what Jefferson's schoolwide instructional focus is? Ask your teachers!

TEACHERS: Please check dress code this morning. Any student who has a dress code violation should be sent to room 110, the Guidance Office. Students will receive detentions for being out of dress code.

7th graders who have PE 1st hour: you must come to school in dress code and then change into your PE clothes!

Main Entree: Macaroni & Cheese; French Fries

J-Jazz girls: pick up your dresses today to take home for Saturday. Mrs. Charneski has all of the extras now if anyone needs something to complete the outfit. See you all tomorrow at 8AM at Southeast. Good luck! Remember to enter the building through the doors by the big spartan.

Full 6th grade band Tuesday & Thursday next week.

The Valentine's Day dance will be held today after school from 2:30-4PM. You must purchase your admission ticket in advance during lunch today. Admission is $3. The No Dance list will be posted today.

• Please turn in all applications for Southeast's Health and Science Academy to Mrs. Lawrence.

• 6th & 7th grade students must turn in their registration form for next year! Administrative lunch detentions will be given to students until their form is turned in.

This is a reminder to ALL students to keep their hands to themselves while at school.

• Students — please be in your seat when the tardy bell rings!

Hallway behavior is very important. If you run, hit, curse, etc. in the halls, you will receive an after-school detention for 1 1/2 hours. You will also receive one if you roam the halls during class time.

BIST ~ Teachers are only going to redirect you once! After that, if you do not follow proper classroom procedures, you will be asked to move to the "Safe Seat" in the classroom. Please move to the Safe Seat without arguing. There will be consequences for being sent out of the classroom to a Buddy Room or Recovery.

If you are asked to go to the Safe Seat and you refuse, you will receive at least 2 after-school detentions!

Guest teachers are aware of our BIST procedures. Please respect our guest teachers.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property