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March 11, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

STUDENTS: NO running, shoving or pushing in the hallways. Consequences will be issued for this behavior!


Remember ~ your day is what you make it. Let's make it a good one!

Happy birthday to .......
Matthew Y.!

Main Entree: Cheeseburgers; Popcorn Chicken; Veggie Wraps; Candied Sweet Potatoes
Tomorrow's Breakfast: Eggo™ Waffles

Nooks & Kindles may NOT be brought to school.

Keep your hands to yourselves!

Restroom passes must remain in your planner. Any restroom pass sheet that is torn out of a planner will NOT be valid.

Please bring your PE clothes to the locker room before school between 7:50 & 8AM only on Mondays or Tuesdays. Take home PE clothes on Fridays only and put them in your hall locker only at assigned times ~ before/after school & before/after lunch.

Please remember to be quiet in the halls especially during lunch shifts.

Please be sure to check the "Jaguar News" bulletin board in the main lobby for important information.

Please remember to tuck in your shirts and to wear a solid color dark belt with your slacks/shorts. No neon color polo shirts are allowed. No gray or green shorts or pants are allowed. Please do NOT roll up your pant legs. No jackets or vests may be worn in the classroom. You may not wear rubber wristbands/bracelets, bandanas, hats, or gloves. Please keep your accessories to a minimum.

Please remember to get to class on time. No more tardies!

Please do not share your combination with a friend. If you are having trouble opening your locker, ask an adult for help. Also, do not leave your locker "set" to open.

Gum is not allowed at JMS!

No food is allowed on buses. You may have a water bottle.

If you have lost your glasses, please see Mrs. Frye after school in room 109.

If you have recently moved or have a new phone number, please contact Mrs. Frye with the new information.

Snack Attack
Snack Attack will only be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

6th Grade Preview Night
Preview Night for incoming 6th grade students is tonight, March 11th, from 6-7PM. All current 5th grade students & parents/guardians should plan to attend Preview Night at the middle school they are registered to attend in the fall based on their current home address.

Scholastic Bowl
Practice today after school in Ms. Grace's room ~ room 213.

Spring Fundraiser
It's that time of year again ~ time for our Spring Fund Raising Sale!
Sale starts: Thurs., 2/27
Order turn-in: Thurs., 3/13

All payments must be turned in when ordering. Checks should be made payable to Jefferson Middle School. No late orders will be accepted.

Delivery will be on Thurs., 4/10. Get out there and sell, sell, sell!

Box Tops for Education
Keep turning in your box tops!

Math & Science Careers Are For You!
Expanding Your Horizons
Lincoln Land Community College
Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 8AM-12:45PM

Join other 6th through 8th grade girls to learn about math, science, and technology careers, while participating in workshops with doctors, veterinarians, and engineers. Have fun and plan for your future. Go to http://www.eyhspringfield.com for workshop choices and registration form or call 217-652-4676.

Sponsored by AAUW Springfield, Illinois Branch

Please remember to follow all school rules & to show proper sportsmanship when attending a school sporting event. If you are removed from an event, whether at JMS or another school, you may be banned from attending any future extra-curricular events for the remainder of the school year.

If you have been sent to a Buddy Room, you may NOT attend the basketball game. This applies to players and cheerleaders too!

6th Grade GVB
Practice today from 2:30-4PM.

8th Grade GVB Game
Regional game at Jacksonville Turner Junior High at 6PM tonight against Quincy.

6th/7th/8th Grade BBB
Any 6th, 7th or 8th grade boys' basketball player who has not returned his team basketball equipment bag or uniform must turn that bag & uniform in to Coach Horton immediately.

Have a great day!

At JMS I will ....
Discipline &
to show my Jaguar PRIDE!