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Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18, 2007


Teachers ~ Please check to make sure all students are dressed appropriately. No hoodies are allowed in the classroom. T-shirts under uniform shirts should be white or the same color as the uniform shirt. Long sleeved shirts under short sleeved uniform shirts are not allowed.

Physical aggression, violence, threats, and bullying will not be tolerated at Jefferson. If you choose to continue acting this way, you will be suspended. If you are having problems with a student(s), come to one of the many adults in the building. Do not take matters into your own hands!

Main Entree: Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
A la Carte: No a la carte, but chips will be sold at the registers.

6th Grade Band: 3rd hour today

Come to the Beta Club meeting today during lunch. Dues must be paid ASAP in order to participate in Beta Club. Remember, the Beta Club Convention is next month!

If you are interested in playing summer baseball in the Southwest Baseball League, registration forms will be available outside of the main office. Registration will be held Saturday, February 17th, at The Hitting Center.

The boys' City Basketball Tournament starts tonight. Please remember there are rules and procedures that are expected to be followed.

1. Find a seat & stay seated.
2. No standing on the railing in the mezzanine area.
3. No standing in front of the back row.
4. No obscenities, yelling or screaming.
5. No throwing of items.
6. No fighting — you will be arrested and suspended.
7. No milling around in large groups.
8. When asked by the public, police or school officials to correct your behavior or to go to a seating area, we strongly recommend that everyone comply.
9. Please be advised that the Springfield Police Department will be posted at and outside of the event to make sure we all have a safe, enjoyable tournament.
10. Behave yourself and make our School District proud!

This is a school event. All school rules apply. If you violate a rule or procedure, there will also be consequence when you return to school.

If you choose to come to school out of dress code, you will be issued an after school detention from 2:30-4 PM. For each hour of class that you miss because of being out of dress code, you will be issued an additional after school detention. You could possibly end up with 7 after school detentions!

Teachers — if there is a student in violation of the dress code, please fill out a minor referral and call for an escort to room 110.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property