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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 28, 2006

Morning Announcements:
Teachers ~ Please check to make sure all students are dressed appropriately.

Cafeteria News
Main Entree: Spaghetti
A la Carte: Cheese Sauce - 25ยข
Because of the mess being made outside, no A la Carte items will be allowed to leave the cafeteria!

Reminder: No flavored water, sport drink, or juice drinks will be allowed into the building after lunch!

Car Riders
If you are a car rider, please tell your parents to drop you off in the morning on 14th Street. Do not go into the parking lot.

7th grade volleyball try-outs are this Wednesday and Thursday from 2:40 - 4 PM. If you are trying out, you must be at both try-outs! If you have any questions, see Coach Southard.

8th grade volleyball try-outs will be Monday and Tuesday of next week from 2:40 - 4 PM.

All cheerleaders should report to Ms. Wells' room by 3:45 PM today. Make sure you are dressed and ready.

Band/Jazz News
6th Grade Band: 3rd hour - all students must attend! Come to the band room ASAP.

All bands will practice tomorrow during 1st hour.

Poinsettia orders may still be turned in until Friday.

SSRW Drawing
Friday, December 1st, Mrs. Boosinger will be announcing the winners of the SSRW book contest. You will have the opportunity to earn chance tickets for this drawing by following your team's rules and directions for SSRW. Ask your teacher for more information on this contest!

Dress Code
If you choose to come to school out of dress code, you will be issued an after school detention from 2:30-4 PM. For each hour of class that you miss because of being out of dress code, you will be issued an additional after school detention. You could possibly end up with 7 after school detentions!

Teachers — if there is a student in violation of the dress code, please fill out a minor referral and call for an escort to room 110.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect Property