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Monday, September 18, 2006

September 18, 2006

Morning Announcements:
• Cafeteria News
Students — please remember to sit on the appropriate side of the cafeteria during your lunch period! Mrs. Gordy and Mrs. Lawrence will be writing detentions for those that choose to sit on the wrong side of the cafeteria.

Main Entree: Sloppy Joes and Cole Slaw

Reminder: No flavored water, sport drink, or juice drinks will be allowed into the building after lunch!

• Basketball News
6th grade girls basketball practice has been cancelled for tonight.

7th & 8th grade girls basketball will meet in room 117 immediately after school today.

• 21st Century
The 21st Century program begins today after school. If you are registered, please report to the cafeteria after school.

• PRIDE Winners
The following students have had their PRIDE cards drawn for a prize:
Robert Jones
Angela Ray
Chris Gasparin
John Olmstead
Azieonna Snow
Kory Esslinger
You may pick up your prize in the main office today after school.

Watch for the new "jaguar" contest! Mrs. Rennison will be posting a picture of a jaguar next to an "expectation" in our building. The first student to find the jaguar and then report the location and the expectation to Mrs. Rennison will win a prize.

• Beta Club News
Beta Club invitations will be distributed to those students who qualify today. Students must have a 3.5 or higher GPA in order to qualify for Beta Club membership.

• Locker Combinations
DO NOT PRESET YOUR LOCKER COMBINATION! When you do this, you are leaving your locker open to anyone getting in to it. Memorize your combination!

• Band & Music News
J-Jazz will meet after school today.
Jazz Band will meet after school Tuesday.

6th Grade Band: 1st hour - clarinets; 3rd hour - flutes
Tuesday: No 6th grade band

• SHS Dance Clinic
The Springfield High School Scarlet Line pom-pon squad is inviting all District 186 girls from ages kindergarten through 8th grade to attend a dance clinic on September 30th from 10 AM - 2 PM. By participating, the girls are invited back to perform at an SHS home game on October 13th.

Applications must be filled out and turned in to Sarah Johnson at Springfield High School by September 20th.

• Dress Code
Students — T-shirts worn beneath your polo shirt must be either white or the same color as your polo shirt. No exceptions!

Teachers — if there is a student in violation of the dress code, please fill out a minor referral and call for an escort to room 110.

• Cell Phones
Please remember that all cell phones must be in your lockers. You may not have them out during the school day. If you are seen with your cell phone, it will be taken away from you. A parent will have to come to school to retrieve your phone from the main office.

• Bottled Drinks
Students — you must finish drinking your bottled drinks before you come in after lunch! No bottles will be allowed in the building after lunch recess. If you have not finished drinking it, you will be asked to throw it away before entering the building.

• Student Support Program
Mrs. Rennison is Jefferson's Student Support Leader. If you have a problem and would like to talk to her, tell your teacher. You may also see her in the halls before school, at lunch or after school.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect Property

If you receive a PRIDE card from one of your teachers, put it in your grade's jar in the lunch line in the cafeteria. Once a week PRIDE cards will be drawn for prizes. Once a month PRIDE cards will be drawn for "Out of the Blue" days.

Mrs. Rennison will also be visiting classrooms and handing out birthday pencils to those celebrating birthdays that day!