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September 12, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014


Remember ~ your day is what you make it. Let's make it a good one!

Happy birthday to .......
Brian S., Harley K., Chloe S., & Kale L.!

Main Entree: Chicken Horseshoes; Meatloaf Sandwiches; Hamburger Stroganoff; Sloppy Joe's; Tator Tots; Sweet Portatoes
Monday's Breakfast: Bagels with Cream Cheese or Peanut Butter

Do NOT dig through the lunch trays. Take the tray on top of the stack. All trays are clean but may be scuffed on the bottom. If you happen to find a tray that has something on the top side, please let an adult know. When you dig through trays, you are spreading germs. Consequences for not following directions: You will eat last!

Teal is not an acceptable uniform shirt color.

You may NOT wear shirts or sweatshirts with signatures all over them.

Earbuds/headphones must be out of your ears before you enter the building. If you do not, a staff member may take them from you and place them in the main office tagged with your name for pick up later.

Gentlemen ~ Please NO sagging of pants or shorts! If you have belt loops on your shorts or pants, you must wear a belt.

Walkers must arrive at school by 7:45AM in order to eat breakfast & have full choices of items available.

7th & 8th graders must use their assigned stairs — do not use the 6th grade hall as a shortcut!

Nooks & Kindles may NOT be brought to school.

Keep your hands to yourselves!

Restroom passes must remain in your planner. Any restroom pass sheet that is torn out of a planner will NOT be valid.

Please remember to be quiet in the halls especially during lunch shifts in the 6th grade hall.

Please be sure to check the "Jaguar News" bulletin board in the main lobby for important information.

Please remember to get to class on time.

Please do not share your combination with a friend. If you are having trouble opening your locker, ask an adult for help. Also, do not leave your locker "set" to open.

Gum is not allowed at JMS!

No food is allowed on buses. You may have a water bottle.

You may NOT use the hall passes that are in your planner — X them out. You may only use the restroom passes.

Binders & textbooks should NOT be left in the halls or on tables in the halls. These are your responsibility. You must put them in your locker when you are not carrying them to class!

Behavior on our activity buses needs to improve! If you cannot behave on the activity bus, you will not be allowed to ride. Your parent/guardian will have to come pick you up after your after-school activities.

Yearbook Staff
Mrs. Goss-Rodgers & Ms. Sponsler are now accepting applications for the 2014-15 yearbook staff. Please pick up an application from room 103, room 219 or from the Jaguar News in the main lobby. All applications are due by September 15th.

Box Tops 4 Education
We will be collecting Box Tops again this year! Please turn them in to your 1st hour teacher. Classes that collect the most have an opportunity to earn prizes.

Girl Scouts
Any girl interested in joining Girl Scouts should grab a flyer from the Jaguar News in the main lobby.

What's a PRIDE card? It's a blue card that you may receive when you are "caught" doing the right thing — respecting yourself, respecting others, & respecting property. If you receive a PRIDE card, fill it out completely with your first & last name. Place the filled out card in the proper grade level jar outside of the cafeteria. If your card is drawn, you may receive a prize!

Fall Fundraiser
Jefferson's fall fundraiser kicks off Friday, September 12th and runs through September 26th. Students will receive their fundraiser packets during their 1st hour on Friday, the Sept. 12th. Checks should be made payable to Jefferson Middle School. Delivery week is scheduled for October 20-24th.

Prize sheets are posted in the cafeteria.

Showstoppers Auditions
Who: Students in grades 2-8
What: Singing, acting & dancing
When: Wednesday Sept. 17th or Wednesday Sept.24th from 7-8PM
Where: Wilcox Elementary
For more detailed information, grab a flyer from the Jaguar News.

Please remember to follow all school rules & to show proper sportsmanship when attending a school sporting event. If you are removed from an event, whether at JMS or another school, you may be banned from attending any future extra-curricular events for the remainder of the school year.

Cross Country Parent Meeting
There is a mandatory cross country parent meeting on Wednesday, September 17th at 6PM in room 107. Runners ~ please attend with your parents!

Girls' Basketball Practice
Practice today for ALL grades. Be dressed and ready in the gym by 2:45PM.

7th & 8th grade girls will practice Saturday morning from 9-11AM.

Girls' Basketball Parent Meeting
There is a mandatory girls' basketball parent meeting on Wednesday, September 17th at 6PM in room 107. Athletes ~ please attend with your parents!

7th Grade Boys' Basketball
There will be an OPEN GYM for 7th grade boys ONLY who are interested in being a part of the JMS 7th grade boys' basketball team.
When: Saturday
Time: 12-2PM

Cheer Squad News
Cheer squad tryouts will be held on Friday, September 19th. Students interested in trying out should pick up an application in room 110 or from the Jaguar News in the main lobby. Cheer clinics will be held Monday, September 15th & Tuesday, September 16th. If you have questions, see Mrs. Impson in room 101.

SSHS Mini Cheer Camp
Southeast High School is sponsoring a mini cheer camp for students in grades K-8. Deadline for registration is September 15th.
When: September 24th
Where: Enos Elementary School Gym
Time: 4-7PM
Fee: $25
For more information, please grab a form from the Jaguar News in the main lobby.

Springfield Park District Youth Programs
What: Self-Defense & Cheerleading Classes
When: October
Where: Nelson Center in Lincoln Park

For more information & registration, pick up a flyer from the Jaguar News in the main lobby.

Have a great day!

At JMS I will ....
Discipline &
to show my Jaguar PRIDE!