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December 6, 2018

Thursday, December 6, 2018 


Cold weather is upon us. Please be sure you are wearing your coat, hat, gloves, & scarf. Don't leave anything on the bus. Car riders are reminded that you will not be allowed inside the building until 7:40AM. Dress warmly!


Remember ~ You are in charge of the choices that you make. Your day is what you make it. Let’s make it a great one!



WEEK 16: 12/03-12/07/18 Self-Management:

I will identify ways to manage stress.



At JMS, we follow and enforce the District Dress Code Policy. Therefore, “hats, caps, bandannas, sweatbands, sunglasses, pajama pants, slippers, or shoes with wheels attached to the bottom shall not be worn in the buildings.”

In addition, jackets, sweatshirts, & hoodies should not be worn around the waist. Hoodies and jackets are not allowed in the classroom. Sweaters must be a solid color with no zippers or hoods. Layered shirts under your polo must be a solid color.

All personal grooming items should be kept in your locker. This includes combs, brushes, picks, cologne, lotion, lip gloss, glitter, sprays, etc. Purses and bookbags may not be carried to classrooms.



You may access your locker before school, before lunch, after lunch, and after school. You should not share your locker or your locker combination with anyone. Keep your locker locked and not set to open!



Mason W.!



Main Entrée: Honey BBQ Pork Rib on a Bun OR Meatloaf on a Bun

Tomorrow's Breakfast: Poptarts



Cafeteria Procedure:

  1. Form 2 single-file lines.

  2. Girls sit on the left side of the cafeteria.

  3. Boys sit on the right side of the cafeteria.

  4. Fill up each table.

  5. Admin will dismiss you by tables when it’s time to throw away your trash and go outside.

  6. Clean up after yourself and push in your chair.

No food or drinks may be taken out of the cafeteria. You may not eat or drink in the halls or the classrooms. The "sale" of Kool-Aid is NOT allowed.

You should NOT be hanging out in the halls or in the bathrooms. Go directly to lunch! Boys go directly outside via the boiler room doors. Girls go directly to the cafeteria.



Congratulations to the following classes for showing respect and doing the right thing when having a guest teacher!

  • Mrs. S. Gephart           11/28/18 6th period

  • Mrs. Hulvey                  11/29/18 Advisory

  • Mr. Hemstock               11/29/18 Advisory

  • Mr. Rigoni                     11/29/18 2nd period

  • Mrs. M. Hoffman           11/29/18 1st period

  • Ms. Hoffek                     11/28/18 5th period


PRIDE Card Winners

Congratulations to the following Advisory classes! One student from each of these classes will win one free item from Snack Attack!

  • Ms. Chavours

  • Mrs. Harris

  • Ms. Furkin

  • Ms. Swaggerty

  • Mr. J. Gephart

  • Mrs. Horstman

  • Mr. Blackburn

  • Mrs. Davis

  • Mr. Daugherty

  • Ms. Thomas



The Winter Music program will be held tonight from 6-7PM. Come join us for a night of music! Bands and choir will perform at 6PM. Admission if free!



Order forms for 8th grade t-shirts are available in the Jaguar News in the Main Lobby. Turn in your orders & money to Mrs. Staab & Mrs. Pyle.



The Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Fundraiser ends today. All orders and payments should be turned in today.


Clubs & Other School Activities

Brain Boosters

Brain Boosters will meet in the library after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Yearbook Staff Meeting

The yearbook staff will meet today after school from 2:30-4PM in room 211. If you have any questions, see Ms. Sponsler or Mrs. Goss-Rodgers.


Acceptable Use Policy

Each student must have a signed AUP on file before that student may use tech devices in the building. Get those AUPs signed and turned in as soon as possible. As in the past, no student will be denied the opportunity to participate in District mandated activities or assessments that require the use of technology.


Attendance Challenge

Continue to check the Attendance Challenge board in the main lobby. Your grade could be the winner of a dress down day if your grade has the highest attendance percentage for the month of November. Come to school every day and stay all day!

The final attendance numbers for the month of November are:

  • 6th grade - 89.54%

  • 7th grade - 89.47%

  • 8th grade - 85.56%

As November winners, 6th grade will get to dress down tomorrow!


Boxtops for Education

Bring in your Box Tops during the month of November for a chance to win a free dress down day. To be entered in the drawing, just bring any amount of unexpired Box Tops to your advisory teacher before the end of the month. Two lucky students will be drawn.


Athletics News

JMS JAGUARS ~ You are STUDENTS first and ATHLETES second!

• 6th Grade GBB - 

7th Grade GBB - Fines will be issued to players that have not returned uniforms.

8th Grade GBB

• Cheerleaders - 

• 6th Grade Girls' Volleyball - Practice Tuesday, December 11th from 3:45-5PM. Come to this practice if you'd like a chance to be on the team.

• 7th Grade Girls' Volleyball -  

• 8th Grade Girls' Volleyball - 

6th Grade BBB

• 7th Grade BBB - 

• 8th Grade BBB -  


PRIDE ~ We are ......






We show Jaguar PRIDE!