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September 2, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Respect yourself. • Respect others. • Respect property.

It is never ok to be disruptive. It is never ok to be hurtful.

This is a regular 2:30PM dismissal day!

Teachers ~ Please check dress code. Anyone out of dress code should be sent to Guidance.

Main Entree: Spicey Chicken Sandwiches; French Fries; Corn
Tomorrow's Breakfast: Cheese Omelets

Please turn in all free and reduced lunch application forms to Ms. Mary in the cafeteria as soon as possible.

Students ~ You must sit on the correct side of the cafeteria. Lunch detentions will be given if you are on the wrong side!

• 6th grade girls basketball tryouts will be held tomorrow, Sept. 3rd from 2:30 - 4 PM. Please come dressed in gym clothes and tennis shoes. All 6th grade girls are welcome to tryout!

• There will be 7th & 8th grade girls basketball tryouts today from 2:30 - 4 PM. Please come dressed in gym shorts, t-shirts, & gym shoes. Any girl can tryout, even if you weren't on the team last year! The activity bus will be available only for those girls who try out.

IMSA applications are due to Mrs. Gordy today.

Our first dance of the school year will be held Friday evening from 6-8 PM. Admission will be $3. This dance is for JMS students only. Let's all come and have a great time!

If your parent filled out the purple form required for taking the parent training classes, he/she must come to JMS with a picture ID [drivers license] and get Ms. Nelson's signature. This is a District requirement for proof of guardianship.

All 6th grade students must have a physical. check your book bags and your lockers for physical forms and turn them in to either Mrs. P. or Nurse Janet in the main office.

It is very important that you come to school everyday! Come to school and be prepared to learn each and every day of the school year.

We will be having a friendly competition between grade levels for the best attendance rate. Here's the report from Friday.

Attendance Report
6th Grade - 17 absent - 90.12% attendance rate
7th Grade - 12 absent - 93.62% attendance rate
8th Grade - 19 absent - 90.36% attendance rate

No passes should be issued during class time! If students are found in the hallway, they will be escorted back to your room.

JMS requires the following uniform style of dress for all students:
• 3-4 button solid color collared polo shirt in gray, yellow, white, or navy blue
• Solid crewneck sweatshirt in gray, yellow, white, or navy blue (no hood or zipper)
• Solid color pants in khaki, navy blue, or black (no denim, cargo, or sweatpants)
• No baggy clothing - pants must fit at the waist or belt
• No writing, emblems, logos, words, or numbers on clothing
• Capri pants or shorts in khaki, navy blue, or black may be worn until September 30th or after April 30th. Shorts must be at the middle finger length.
• No skirts or dresses (exception - religious objection)
• Excessively long shirts must be tucked in
• The only shirt that may be worn under the uniform shirt is a tucked in short sleeved white t-shirt!

Our fall fund raiser kicked off last week and continues until next Monday. All orders must be paid for in advance. Checks should be made payable to Jefferson Middle School. The last day to turn in your orders and money will be Monday, September 8th. No late orders will be accepted! Delivery will be in approximately 3 weeks after the orders are submitted.

Some of the prizes for being top sellers will be:
• $10 pre-paid card
• digital camera with software
• micro ear light radio

Remember to thank everyone for supporting Jefferson Middle School!

Great job on creating your school expectation posters! Judging will be done tomorrow.

Don't forget to turn in your PRIDE cards for prizes!

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property