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Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17, 2007

Respect yourself. • Respect others. • Respect property.

Remember: It is not ok to disrupt class. It is not ok to be hurtful to others!

Do you know what Jefferson's schoolwide instructional focus is? Ask your teachers!

TEACHERS: Please check dress code this morning. Any student who has a dress code violation should be sent to room 110, the Guidance Office. Students will receive detentions for being out of dress code.

Girls may not wear camisoles under their uniform shirts. The only thing that can be worn under a uniform shirt is a plain white t-shirt that is tucked in!

Hoodies may not be worn in class!

Main Entree: Corn Dogs; French Fries; Carrots
No A la Carte today!

Tuesday's Breakfast: Poptarts

Don't forget Grandparents' Breakfast is tomorrow morning! Make sure you have turned in your forms to Mr. Battles.

All food and drink must be kept in the cafeteria. It does not go outside! When you leave the cafeteria, you must go directly outside.

• Students — when guests, administrators, or other teachers enter the classroom, please continue with your lesson. Do not speak to or call out to the visitors, just keep working and paying attention to your teacher.

• Students — please be in your seat when the tardy bell rings! A 3rd tardy will result in 2 full administrative lunch detentions. A 4th tardy will result in an after-school detention. Once you are in the classroom, you must stay in the classroom. If you need a drink or need to use the restroom, go before you enter your next class.

Hallway behavior is very important. If you run, hit, curse, etc. in the halls, you will receive an after-school detention for 1 1/2 hours. You will also receive one if you roam the halls during class time.

BIST ~ Teachers are only going to redirect you once! After that, if you do not follow proper classroom procedures, you will be asked to move to the "Safe Seat" in the classroom. Please move to the Safe Seat without arguing. There will be consequences for being sent out of the classroom to a Buddy Room or Recovery.

If you must be removed from a classroom that has a "guest" teacher, you will receive a minimum of 2 after-school detentions!

Attendance at school is very important! Look at the chart posted in the main lobby. We will be having a monthly contest between grades to see which grade can have the best attendance. Right now, 8th grade is in the lead!

The 21st Century after-school program begins today! If you have a completed registration form, please turn it in to your 1st hour teacher.

6th grade band Tuesday: 1st hour ~ saxophones; 2nd hour ~ percussion.

No 6th grade band on today!

J-Jazz will meet after school on today. Everyone is invited to attend! Come to room 122 after going to your locker.

Just a reminder — Kicks discount cards are still available in the main office. The cards cost $10 each for deals on buffet meals and games.

Cheerleading tryouts will be held tomorrow & Thursday after school. Have your cheer and jump ready for tomorrow. Be in room 103 immediately after school. Those who do not show up Tuesday, will not be able to tryout Thursday. The activity bus will pick you up at 4PM.

Dr. Sandercock will be here on Wednesday, September 19th, at 2:30 PM to give athletic physicals. The cost is $10. Remember ~ you may practice without having had a physical, but you may not participate in any games or meets until you have had a physical.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property