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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

November 7, 2006

Morning Announcements:

Teachers ~ Please check to make sure all students are dressed appropriately.

• Cafeteria News
Main Entree: Mini Corn Dogs & Cheesy Potatoes

A la Carte: Open today! Pickles for 75ยข

Reminder: No flavored water, sport drink, or juice drinks will be allowed into the building after lunch!

• Springfield Urban League
On Saturday evening, four Jefferson students were honored for academic excellence at the annual Springfield Urban League dinner. Congratulations to:
Darnell Neal
Monique Mabry
Terrance Davis
Jasmine Berry

• ISAT News
Congratulations to all JMS students & staff! For the very first time, JMS students surpassed federal No Child Left Behind benchmarks in reading, math and attendance last year! For example, our school scored 64.1% in math and 58.5% in reading. Great job! We will be celebrating this accomplishment in the coming weeks. Everyone keep up the good work and continue to work hard everyday! :-)

• Picture Retake Day
Picture retake day is November 16th. Forms are available in the Guidance Office if you want your picture retaken. You must pay for the picture packet that day when your pictures are taken.

• Rewards
Once a month, students with perect attendance for the month will be rewarded with an extra recess. It is very important that you attend school every day!

• Band/Music News
6th Grade Band Wednesday: 1st hour - flutes & clarinets; 3rd hour - percussion

J-Jazz will meet today and tomorrow after school. We will sing for the basketball game today.

• Cheerleading
All cheerleaders need to come directly to room 103 after school.

• Basketball News
7th & 8th Grade Boys' Basketball:
Players should meet in room 214 after school. Bring your homework!

• PRIDE Winners
Congratulations to the following students. You may pick up your prize in the main office after school today.
Tyler Bergeron
Patrick Tazelaar
Nakiyha Wood
Briana Howlett
Rachel Park
Shayla Pickett
Brad McCormick
Alayna Bowdern
Kailey Rickord
Emilio Suarez
Drake Horton
Andre Davis
Carrie Farley
David Peters

• Lunch Procedures
Students: when you enter the building after lunch, you must come in quietly and orderly. There should be no yelling and shouting. There should be no slapping, running, or jumping on others. If you choose to continue the poor behavior, you will be assigned in-house lunches for a week.

• Dress Code
If you choose to come to school out of dress code, you will be issued an after school detention from 2:30-4 PM. For each hour of class that you miss because of being out of dress code, you will be issued an additional after school detention. You could possibly end up with 7 after school detentions!

Students — you may not wear shorts or capris now as a part of your uniform.

T-shirts worn beneath your polo shirt must be either white or the same color as your polo shirt. No exceptions! No long sleeved shirts are to be worn under your short sleeved polo shirt. You may not wear hoodies.

No pins are to be worn over logos on your polo shirt. Your polo shirt should not have any logos or emblems.

Also, sweat pants & cargo pants are not allowed as part of Jefferson's dress code! Cargo pants are defined as any pants that have zippers or pockets down the legs.

No more free uniforms will be issued from the main office! Sweatshirts are now on sale for $10 each.

Teachers — if there is a student in violation of the dress code, please fill out a minor referral and call for an escort to room 110.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect Property