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SPS 186 Intranet

Asynchronous Attendance

Using the Intranet ~ Taking Asynchronous Attendance

Step 1:

Click on the attendance banner on your school’s homepage or use this link https://186.springfield.k12.il.us/IS3/.

Step 2:

Log in to the District’s Information System (sometimes called InfoSystem or Intranet)

It is the same username and password as your email.

Step 3:

Click “Attendance Check In”

Step 4:

Check the box and click submit

You will see the following message after successfully checking in:

Using the Intranet ~ Asynchronous Attendance Information

Middle & High Schools
Students in grades 6-12 will use the District's Information System to check in on asynchronous days. More information and instructions are included below.

Synchronous (Hybrid and Remote students)
Teachers will continue to take attendance based on In-Person / Zoom attendance. 

  • Students should arrive on time and teachers will follow regular attendance procedures for marking students present, absent, or tardy.
  • If a student cannot attend (in-person or Zoom), a parent should call the school’s attendance line.

Asynchronous (see schedule below)
MS/HS students will log in to the Information System and confirm attendance by the end of the school day

  • It is the same login information as their district email.
  • Asynchronous attendance will be based on the student confirming attendance in the information system during the school day.  
  • Some classes may meet more often such as drivers education. Students may be marked absent by their teacher, if a class meets more often and they do not attend the class session. Please check with teacher(s) if there are questions about class schedules.

MS/HS Attendance Questions

Q: Which days do students need to log in to confirm attendance?
A: A-Day Students – Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
    B-Day Students – Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays

Q: Do students log in once per day or for each class?
A: Students only need to log in and confirm attendance once per day.

Q: By what time do students need to log in to confirm attendance?
A: Middle school students = 2:30 PM
     High school students = 3:17 PM
     Douglas, Douglas Prep, SLA, LEC Online = 3:00 PM

Q: What if students have questions?
A: Please ask your teacher(s) or call your school.

Checking Grades

Using the Intranet ~ Checking Grades

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Help ~ My Chromebook is acting crazy!

Are you having problems with your Chromebook connecting you to the wrong links? This is something that is starting to happen fairly regularly.

Start by trying this:

  1. Close all tabs in Google Chrome.

  2. Exit all open Apps.

  3. Sign out.

  4. Shutdown completely.

After you restart the Chromebook, click here and follow these directions for updating the Chrome OS on your Chromebook. You should start checking for Chrome OS updates every Monday to make sure your Chromebook keeps running smoothly!

Zoom ~ HELP!

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