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21st Century Program rules are the same as those of the school, however the after school program promotes a more laid back environment allowing for a reasonable amount of movement and conversation. Youth are also allowed to the use of mp3 players as long as they are not disrupitve to others.

The following guidelines have been established to use when dealing with students that exhibit behavior that is disruptive and/or appropriate:

1. Tier 1: (Minor offenses) Verbal Warning (If necessary, complete Incident/ Conduct Report).

2. Tier 2: (Multiple Tier 1 offenses) Immediate removal from activity. Child may return the following the day after having incident report has beensigned by parent. Parent will be notifed.

3. Tier 3: ( Multiple Tier 2 offenses) Immediate removal from the program and a one-day suspension (Example. If removed from the program on Monday, child would not return until Wednesday). Child may return after suspension and incident report has been signed. Parent will be notifed.

4: Tier 4: (Muliple Tier 3 offenses) Immediate removal from program. Child may be suspended from program for up to one week ( Site Coordinator will determine length of suspension) and may not return to program until parent and child have met with Site Coordinator. Any violations following the fourth may result in suspension until next quarter and child barred from program until following school year.

In cases of violations of Tier 2-4: If program is partipating in a special event or field, when the violation occurs, child will be able to participate in the next special event or field trip.

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