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EXPLORE, PLAN, and PSAE Tests on April 27th and 28th

March 18, 2011

Spring Break for our students and teachers is scheduled for April 18th thru April 22nd. The week that we get back from Break is an important time for our students. On April 27th the ninth graders will take the EXPLORE test and the tenth graders will take the PLAN test. These tests are the first part of the testing system that leads up to the ACT. On April 27th and 28th the eleventh graders will take the PSAE. The PSAE is a two day test—the first day the students will take the ACT which tests students' college readiness skills. On April 28th the students will take the Work Keys test which measures employability skills.

Students review sample questions daily in all of their classes. Teachers are encouraged to create opportunities for students to discuss test taking skills and to answer questions that students might have about the test content. During the month of March, the Wednesday homeroom sessions have been focused on test taking skills and test preparation. Lanphier is working to make sure that our students are well prepared for the test.