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First Semester Final Exam and Bus Schedule

December 14, 2009

Final Exam Schedule

The final exam test schedule and bus schedule is attached to this announcement. Please look at these schedules closely due to changes from previous years. Students will have 3 exams on Wednesday the 16th and 2 exams on Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th. On Thursday and Friday students who do not have to take a makeup exam may leave the building at 11:35 a.m. when their second test session ends. The yellow school busses will run at 12:55 p.m. on both Thursday and Friday for students needing this service.

Students will not attend CACC on those three days. Students will be placed in study hall in the large commons on day 2 and 3 if they are present in the building when they do not have a final exam scheduled.

Lunch will be served all three days.

If you have any questions about the exam days please contact the school at 525-3080.