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August 3, 2009

The following attendance procedure has been approved for the Springfield public high schools by the Springfield Board of Education:
A. Attendance records will be maintained in each high school.
B. Parents will be expected to telephone the school (by 10:00 a.m. of the day of absence) to excuse student absences. (525-3086) Attendance personnel will produce a list of unexcused absent students each school day. Attendance personnel will attempt to contact the parents of such students.
C. At the end of the school day an Unexcused Student Report will be generated and distributed to teachers. The following day this report will be posted in each classroom so students are aware whose names appear on the list.
D. Relating to unexcused absences, the following will apply:
1. Full day unexcused absences will result in zeros for the day in all classes and time in In-house suspension when the student returns.
2. Continued unexcused absences can result in parent conferences, In-house suspension, assignments to alternative programs, and/or being dropped from school.
3. Unexcused absences for less than a full day will be treated in accordance with the Closed Campus Policy.
4. After consultation with the building principal, a student and/or parent may appeal the decision on determination of excused absences to the Superintendent or his designee. This appeal shall be initiated by contacting the Superintendent within (5) school days after the conference with the principal.
E. Absences for out-of-school suspension will not count toward the consequences of this attendance procedure.
F. All students requiring an early dismissal must check out through the appropriate office prior to leaving school. This procedure also applies to emergency circumstances. Parent permission for students who leave the school will not be accepted retroactively.