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The ROAR Subscription form

September 13, 2012

Many of you may not know that Lanphier’s school newspaper, The Roar, is a self- supporting product. Staffers have to raise the money to pay for printing the paper and for any supplies that are needed to do so.
As you can imagine, this difficult task is becoming even more difficult as the entire nation moves away from reading printed newspapers. Advertisers too are moving away. The Roar continues to feel this pinch.
We are looking for people who are interesting in getting news and information from the halls of Lanphier High School by subscribing to The Roar for the school year. For $15.00 you will get each month’s edition mailed to your home, you will be able to keep up with LHS news and upcoming events, and you will help to support this valuable educational experience. Please click on the LHS Info tab and look under Forms to print the order form.