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Beginning School Year Information 2013/2014

August 6, 2013


Lanphier High School staff and administration extend a warm welcome to you for the 2013-14 school year. We are looking forward to helping your child/children have a rewarding and pleasant experience throughout this school year. Please take time to read the following information that is provided for your convenience. If you have any questions, please call 525-3080.

School will open for students at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, August 21, 2013. School will be dismissed at
2:32 p.m. the first three (3) days (August 21-23) of school. Homeroom assignments (alphabetically for everyone) will be posted throughout the commons. You will report to your assigned homeroom to pick up your schedule and locker information.

The classroom numbering system throughout the building runs south to north. All rooms on the first floor are numbered 100 through 152, second floor rooms are 200-250, and third floor rooms are 300-315. The lower level rooms are numbered 19-53.

Students who will be attending Capital Area Career Center will begin classes on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

The State law requires all students entering ninth grade and all students from out of state to have a physical examination. Further, the law requires that all high school students must have immunization records on file indicating they have had the required immunizations. Any student not having proper health records (physical with required and proper immunization records) will be enrolled but not allowed to attend school.

A separate mailing containing an order blank from the Board of Education for the payment of the following items should arrive shortly:

DISTRICT STUDENT SERVICE FEES - The Board of Education sets the fee that includes textbooks, use of lockers, and certain other basic materials. The fee for the 2013-14 school year has been set at $90.00 for grades 9-12.
LAN-HI - The yearbook “Lan-Hi” is $50.00. Student pictures for grades 9 through 12 will be in the yearbook.
PTO Membership - PTO is the educator and parent group organized to problem solve and
raise funds. We join Kim Tribbett, the President; in inviting parents to become members of PTO. Membership is $10.00 per family. Membership is strongly encouraged.
ADDITIONAL LAB FEES “ Lab fees will be charged for the following classes: Art, Business, Computer Math, FAC, Band, Science. An invoice by Lanphier High School will be mailed home during the first week of October and will vary from $40 to $15 per year, per class.

Students will be given the opportunity to apply for insurance through a School Board approved plan. This insurance covers the student during regular school activities and in athletic contests and practices. All students who plan to participate in athletic contests or intramurals must have insurance. We recommend that all students take out insurance at the beginning of the school year to be covered for the entire year as well as specific events. Insurance envelopes can be picked up in the office. Claims must be filed within 30 days of injury.

An athletic fee of $75.00 - ($100.00 for two or more sports) is required to participate in athletics.

Dress and grooming shall neither present a risk to the health, safety or general welfare of students or others in the school nor interfere with or disrupt the educational environment or process. Dress and grooming shall not be contrary to curriculum goals and/or educational objectives or advertise, promote or picture alcoholic beverages, tobacco, illegal drugs or violent behavior. Dress and grooming, including accessories, shall not display lewd, vulgar, obscene or plainly offensive language or symbols, including gang symbols. Hats, caps, bandannas, sweat bands and sunglasses shall not be worn in the building. Pierced jewelry, other than earrings worn in the ear, shall not be worn in the buildings; neither shall spiked apparel and accessories or chains that can be used as weapons. Clothing with holes, ragged hems or cut-off hemlines, or made of transparent or fishnet, or clothing that exposes the chest, abdomen, genital areas or buttocks, undergarments or the legs above mid-thigh, shall not be worn in the buildings. Properly fitted clothing is to be worn. Oversized, extremely baggy clothing or improperly fitted clothing is not allowed. Pants, shorts or shirts must be worn at the waist; sagging is prohibited. Tattoos that, by their content, violate any of the provisions of the Student Dress Code must be covered at all times while students are on school property and/or in attendance at school sponsored activities. Layering of tank tops will be permitted as long as the provision for covering all parts of the body is fulfilled. Shoulders must be covered. No inappropriate exposure will be allowed in the front, back, or under the arms. Shorts, dresses or skirts may not be any shorter than finger tip length or mid thigh. Tanks tops with straps one (1) inch or wider will be permitted. Spaghetti straps on any garment are not permitted.

Semester eligibility is determined based on the previous semester’s grades. A student must pass five (5) courses with a C average. In addition, during the season an athlete must be passing 5 courses with a C average weekly.

Each student is provided with a hall locker. These locker combination codes are not to be shared with other students. While all lockers are equipped with locks, students are advised not to leave valuables or items they are selling for club activities in their lockers. Students are not to share lockers under any circumstances.

Students living 1.5 miles or further from the city bus route may ride the school district bus. For more information on bus routes call the transportation office (525-3096). Student bus tickets for the
Springfield Mass Transit buses are $20.00 a ticket for 20 rides as of now. They may be purchased in the Main Office.

Students parking their cars may use the parking area south at Memorial football stadium or the northwest corner of Converse and 11th Streets. Permits will be sold the week before school starts for $30 in the main office by a SGA Senator. After the school year starts students must purchase their permit in room 250 from Mr. Metzke. Stickers must be displayed in the front window. Each sticker will have a number so students’ cars can be identified. Cars in the area without stickers will be towed away at owner’s expense. There will be no assigned parking spots. The school and the SGA do not accept responsibility for cars parked in the parking lot. Student cars parked in the faculty parking lot will be towed away at the student’s expense.

Students may ride bicycles to school. Bicycles are to be parked inside the fenced area located on Converse Street. This area is locked between 8:24 a.m. and 3:32 p.m. Students are requested to walk their bicycles on and off school property.

Seniors who were not photographed by LifeTouch Studios in July must have their picture taken here at school (date to be announced) in order to appear in the senior section of the 2014-Lan-Hi.

Underclass pictures will be taken on September 12, 2013. Picture packages may be ordered on these dates. Additional information will follow.

The Springfield Board of Education has mandated “Closed Campuses” at each high school. Please keep in mind that this policy is designed to help insure the safety of our students and to better meet their educational goal of graduation from high school.

1. Once students have arrived on the Lanphier campus, they must be in their scheduled classes or in designated areas during non-class time until their day is complete.
2. Smoking and/or possession of tobacco products on school grounds or adjacent property is a Level 3 offense and will be treated with escalating consequences.
3. Students needing to leave school before their day is complete (illness or doctor appointment) must check out with the attendance office. Failure to follow this check-out procedure will result in escalating consequences. (Note: Phone calls from parents after a student has left will not be accepted.)
4. Any student absent from a scheduled class without appropriate permission will be deemed to have left campus. (No excuses such as “I was ill in the bathroom all hour.” “I was ill in the library or gym,” will be accepted.)
5. Students will have either “A Lunch” or “B Lunch” depending on their class schedule. They must be in the cafeteria area by the time the 5-minute passing bell rings and remain in the designated area during the lunch period. Students late to the cafeteria will be issued a 40-minute after-school detention. Students found in unauthorized areas (hallways, restrooms, etc.) will have disciplinary consequences

I.D. cards will be issued. Students will be charged $5.00 for replacement IDs.

This school year (2013-14) doors will open at 8:15 a.m. Students coming to school before 8:15 a.m. will be asked to enter school through the West doors to the Commons Area off 11th street. Students who do not want to be contained to the Commons Area must adjust the time they arrive.
7:45 a.m. “ 9:17 a.m. Student entry through West doors to the Commons Area.
8:15 a.m. “ 8:24 a.m. Student entry through East doors by Main Gym
8:00 a.m. “ 4:00 p.m. Parent and visitor entry though Main Lobby (parking in lot off North Grand).
After 9:17 a.m. Student entry through main lobby.

The following attendance procedure has been approved for the Springfield public high schools by the Springfield Board of Education:
A. Attendance records will be maintained in each high school.
B. Parents/Guardians will be expected to telephone the school (by 10:00 a.m. of the day of absence) to excuse student absences (525-3086). Attendance personnel will produce a list of unexcused absent students each school day. Attendance personnel will attempt to contact the parents/guardians of such students.
C. Relating to unexcused absences, the following will apply:
1. Full day unexcused absences will result in zeros for the day in all classes.
2. Continued unexcused absences can result in parent/guardian conferences, Recovery room or other progressive discipline days, assignments to alternative programs, and/or being dropped from school.
3. Unexcused absences for less than a full day will be treated in accordance with the Closed Campus Policy.
D. Absences for out-of-school suspension will not count toward the consequences of this attendance procedure.
E. All students requiring an early dismissal must check out through the appropriate office prior to leaving school. This procedure also applies to emergency circumstances. Parent/Guardian permission for students who leave the school will not be accepted retroactively.

It is the schools responsibility to provide for the welfare and safety of all students. To meet this responsibility any students having in his/her possession or performing any of the following actions will be immediately suspended for ten days. In addition, students will be recommended for expulsion from the regular program of the Springfield Public Schools and, when appropriate, referred to the proper law enforcement agency by the school administration.
• Weapons that will do bodily harm. This includes any knife of any kind
• Mace
• Tampering with the fire alarm system or fire extinguisher
• Starting a fire in the building
• Refusing to stop fighting when told to stop by school personnel/severe fighting
• Alcohol/Drug Violations

Welcome, Lanphier Parents!!!!!
Once again it is time for our scholars to get in gear and stay focused. As being a part of LHS PTO, I would like to encourage you to take this opportunity to stay connected and informed about what is going on with your daughter or son throughout this school year. Joining the PTO is a way to make a difference and promote positive change for our school. We support our young people every step of the way to see growth and change throughout their high school journey.

The PTO meets each month on the 2nd Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in room 110. We would like to encourage more parents to come to the meetings and become involved.

See you there!!
Kim Tribbet, President