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January 5th - School Start Date After Break

January 3, 2021

Hey Lanphier students!

We hope you have had a restful and safe winter break! We are back at it on Tuesday, January 5th! For at least the first week we will be all remote, so you will follow the same schedule and expectations that you did before break and then we will update you with information later this week. Make sure you check your schedule on the Intranet.  Many of you that had semester or quarter classes will be beginning a new course, so tomorrow (Monday) make sure you Canvas courses are all showing up correctly for what your schedule is for the second semester. Please continue to check your Canvas announcements.  There will be a bit of an update to the attendance system, but your teachers will fill you in on this on Tuesday, so please make sure you are paying attention so you can be marked as present each day.

Remember, everyone starts off with a fresh, clean slate for the semester.  If you did not do as well as you would have liked during first semester, you have a fresh start! Show up! Complete the work! Ask for help! You are going to rock 2021!