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Technology Return

Students who are using a device issued by the school will need to return their device to Lanphier's North Gym (where pick-up occurred) on one of the following days: Wednesday, July 8th, Thursday, July 9th, or Friday, July 10th from 9am-1pm.  The devices MUST be returned on these dates and no make-up days will be scheduled. Thanks! 



Many of you may not be able to access your Canvas accounts today.  You will need to check back tomorrow and you should be checking your school email today with information from your teacher.  In the meantime, you can bypass Canvas and go straight to your Edmentum course.  I am attaching the instructions for how to log into your Edmentum to this announcement. Please follow the instrucitons and log into your Edmentum for today if you do not have access to your Canvas.  You will need to check your Canvas each morning of this week and once you gain access to that you will then log into that each morning. 

Thank you! 

Chris Barham

Lori Hedges
Summer School Co-Director


Summer School Students - You will need to log into your Canvas account Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday mornings beginning June 1st at 9am.  All communication and links to classes will be located in your Canvas accounts. GO TO YOUR CANVAS CLASSROOMS FIRST TO CHECK IN ON DIRECTIONS FROM YOUR TEACHERS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, & YOUR WEEKLY REQUIRED SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING LESSONS.  Please log into your school Intranet to view your summer school schedule before Monday, June 1st and then log into Canvas at 9am on Monday as well. 

Here are instructions of how to log into your Canvas account. 

1.Go to Google.com and log into your Google with your School Issued email address and school issued password Login: (_____@students.sps186.org) & Password: First three letters of your birth month (first letter capitalized) - dot - Lunch pin 

2.Then Go to this link: 


You should automatically be taken to your Canvas account as long as you have logged into your Google Account first.  If it doesn’t take you to your Canvas account then login at this link with your school issued email and password again. 

You should see your classes on the main screen as soon as you are logged in.  Click on the name of the class to get into the  classroom to see your directions from your teachers.

Technology for Summer School

Chrome Browser Update

If you are working on a Chromebook during Summer School and Canvas seems as though it is being "glitchy," you will need to update your Chrome browser. Here are instructions for how to update your Chrome browser: 

1. Connect your Chromebook to the internet over Wi-Fi or ethernet.

2. Click on the settings tray in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

3. Enter the settings using the gear icon.

4. Click on “About Chrome OS” on the bottom of the left column.

5. Select the “Check for updates” option.

6. Once the update finishes downloading, click “Restart.”

LHS Registration 2019-2020

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:


Summer School will be virtual.  Unlike what we have been doing during the Covia19 virtual school, all classes, except for Speech and Driver’s Education will be on the Edmentum Program.  Teachers are assigned to each class and will be working with students to ensure completion of the class.  Students will be required to check their school issued emails daily, log into Edmentum or other platforms used by teachers of record daily.  Students will need access to a computer and WIFI to participate in Summer School.  Computers may be checked out from the school if a student is in need of a computer.


Summer School is free and available to all students who are active and attended LHS during the 2019-20 School year.   


Students will be working at their own pace on the Edmentum classes and may finish before the July 2nd date.  Students will be allowed to make-up three classes for a total of 1.5 credits.  For Speech and Driver’s Education students will be expected to participate throughout the June 1 - July 2 dates.  Teacher and Administrator work hours are Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 1:00pm.  Students may work on classes when they choose, as long as they are working on assigned classes each attendance day.   If students need assistance Teachers and Administration will only be available during the above hours.  



No contact or work completion for 4 days will result in students being dropped from Summer School.  Every effort will be made to contact students before they are dropped from the program.  Students have to complete all aspects of the assigned class to receive credit.    


The last day to register is May 29, 2020.


The Registration Form for Summer School is posted on the District and Lanphier Websites. 

If you have any questions please email:


Mr. Barham at cbarham@sps186.org


Mrs. Hedges at lhedges@sps186.org