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Credit Recovery Program

Welcome to Edmentum/Credit Recovery. Edmentum class is different from regular classes. You do not get a grade or credit for this class. Your credit/grade is based on completing courses on the Edmentum program. You can work on your Edmentum classes anytime.

Edmentum website:  https://auth.edmentum.com/elf/login

There are three parts to the login for Edmentum

Account:  ssd186

Username and password:  use your district issued username and password

Unit Test and End of Unit Test are locked.  In order to have them opened you will need to contact one of the Credit Recovery Teachers.  Please see schdule for a list of teachers, contact information, day and time avaliable.

Thank you,If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mrs. Hedges


217-525-3080 ext 206