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download Illinois Science Testing for Junior Students

ISA Testing Plan:  11th grade students only.  Based on the Cumulative folder.

All Juniors Need to take the Illinois Science Assessment


Hybrid Testing:  April 29th 

The following teachers will be proctors for testing.  

8:24 - 11:27 AM Testing. 

  • Casey - Room 235  8:24 - 11:27AM

  • Handy - Room 305 8:24 - 11:27AM

    • All AM testing students will attend B lunch


All students in the below groups need to go to A lunch and then report to testing.

11:10AM - 2:17 testing time

  • McGhiey - room 310

  • D. Goff - Library

SAT Details

The SAT test will be given in person at LHS on April 13, 2021 to all students who are designated as 11th and 12th graders on their cumulative folder. To find out if you are designated as a 11th or a 12th grader, please check your cumulative folder.  

Please remember that the SAT is a graduation requirement.  If an 11th grader does not take the SAT on the assigned date, they will be required to take the SAT in 2022, before they are allowed to graduate.  

The SAT test will start promptly at 8:24 a.m. on April 13th, and on April 14th for designated 2 day testing students.  Please make sure you eat a good breakfast and bring #2 pencils. Please, do not bring mechanical pencils. 

In the past, we have had a pre-bubbling session before testing.  This year we will complete the pre-bubble session before we start testing on April 13th.  

The College Board has a Student Search Service.  To participate in the Student Search Service, you will need parental/guardian consent.  The parent/guardian consent form can be found on the LHS Testing Page on the LHS website.  On the LHS Website, select the banner labeled LHS Testing and you will be taken to a link with the consent form. 

Testing room assignments will be posted on the LHS Testing page, outside the Large and Small Commons, and outside the North Office.

Students who are not testing will be asynchronous, April 13th and 14th as some students will participate in two day testing for the SAT.  Asynchronous means, NO Zoom or in-person instruction will take place. However, teachers can and may post assignments.  All students not in attendance for testing need to self-certify their attendance like they do on Monday.   

Lori Hedges

Testing Coordinator 

Lanphier High School


217-525-3080 Extension 206

The College Board has a Student Search Service.  This service requires parental consent.  Please read the consent form and have your parent/guardian sign the document and return it to school if you would like to participate in this College Board Program. 

Consent Form Link:  https://www.sps186.org/downloads/basic/859021/noreply@sps186.org_20210330_134925.pdf

Student Guide for SAT:  https://www.sps186.org/downloads/basic/859022/pdf_sat-student-guide.pdf