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Teacher Home Learning Resources

Lanphier Students and Families,  AT LHS we are committed to keeping you engaged in your learning during this state-wide school closure. Please click HERE to find learning activities provided by your teachers: SAT & Advanced Placement Test Prep Materials, District Home-Based High School Learning Activities, Edmentum Online learning, LHS Library & Lincoln Library Resources, as well as, general learning activities that support learning in the classroom.

Actively Learn/Google Classroom/Facebook

The following teachers have learning activities in Actively Learn, Google Classroom and on Facebook.  If you need access codes please click on the teacher’s name and it will take you to their webpage where the codes are listed.

Teacher page:Teacher page:Teacher page:

Mr. Allen

Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Beck

Mrs. Bohlen

Mrs. Bucher

Mrs. Cookson

Mrs. Cooper

Mr. Craner

Mrs. Davis

Mr. Dulski

Mrs. Farley

Mrs. Ford

Mr. Gobble

Mrs. Goff

Mr. Goff

Mrs. Grendze

Mr. Handy

Mrs. Hay

Mr. Herring  - MC3: https://nabtu.org 

Mr. Hodapp

Mrs. Hunsley-Hunt

Mr. Hunt (Facebook)

Mr. Hunt (Google Classroom)

Mrs. Ippach

Mr. Lamble

Mr. Lamsargis

Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Meiners

Mr. Metzke - Government

Mr. Midiri

Mrs. O’Bryen

Mrs. Patton

Mr. Peeler

Mr. Phillips

Mrs. Pochynok Teacher Website

Mrs. Pochynok Bio Facebook Page

Mrs. Pochynok PLTW Facebook Page

Mrs. Powell

Mrs. Ratz

Mrs. Rennison

Mrs. Saathoff

Mrs. Scott

Mrs. Stubblefield

Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Volkman

Mr. Wible

Mr. Anthony Wilson  1st, 3rd and 6th hours 3-d art  &  AP and pre ap 

Mr. Loren Wilson

Mr. Winders

Mrs. Wonneberger


Khan Academy Parent Webinar

Getting Started with Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids for Remote Learning  Handout
Want to learn how to use Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids for remote learning? Join us and we'll walk you through: - Setting your kids set up for learning with Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids - Finding relevant content for them to learn We'll also answer some of your FAQ.   Quick Start Quide

Khan Academy

Kahn Academy is a great site for Personalized learning - Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

Here is a Sample home learning schedule  10-12

PE Department

PE Department activities to do at home!

Math Resources

Listen to Videos and Work Practice Problems on Graphs of Sine and Cosine at the Origin and Translated/Shifted as well as The Law of Sines and Law of Cosine Videos and Work Practice Problems.  (Khan Academy)

Algebra 1

Listen to Videos and Work Practice Problems on Simplifying Radicals Exactly (no decimals) and The Quadratic Formula with the following Types of X-intercepts as Solutions:  Integers, Rational, Real and Imaginary as well as their Quadratic (Parabolic) Graphs. (Khan Academy)

Trigonometry and Algebra 1

Listen to Videos and Work Practice Problems on Mean, Median, Mode, Probability that Single and Compound Events Occur.  (Khan Academy)

Edmentum/After School Program Log-in

If you are working on an Edmentum Course and need support and/or a test unlocked please email Mrs. Hedges at: lhedges@sps186.org

Test Prep
SAT Test PrepThe following is a link to Khan Academy SAT Test Prephttps://www.khanacademy.org/sat
Advanced Placement Test PrepThe following is a link to College Board AP Test Prep. Please know you will need a College Board account to access these resources:https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/about-ap-exams/practice-for-exams
AP PsychologyAP Psychology practice-testhttps://www.highschooltestprep.com/ap/psychology/practice-test-2/
Lincoln library e card how to
Lincoln Library E-card

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