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LPC Investigates Bartonville Asylum

May 30, 2014

About twenty-one students investigated Bartonville Asylum in Bartonville, IL, on April 15, 2014. The asylum was in operation from 1902 until 1973, with over seventy years of service. The asylum housed both nurses and patients on its ground. The asylum's Bowen Building has been featured on several paranormal television shows, such as My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Hunters. Many people are familiar with the famous "Woman in White," a female nurse apparition captured on camera in the asylum. Club members tried to see if they could recapture the nurse, or any of the other residents, in photos, which can be seen here: http://www.sps186.org/schools/lanphier/paranormal/?p=54128&i=434962.
Investigators then broke into five groups, one for each level. The building consists of a basement, three main floors, and an attic. Each group had twenty minutes to investigate their designated area, and once each group had investigated all the floors, groups were free to explore the asylum and gather evidence. Members reported strange occurrences, such as wind chimes ringing by themselves and hearing footsteps following them. Investigators used a variety of equipment, including digital cameras, digital audio recorders, EMF detectors, divining rods, and spirit boxes, among other items. Several EVPs were gathered and can be viewed here: http://www.sps186.org/schools/lanphier/paranormal/?p=55133.