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Paranormal Club is in Full Swing

September 23, 2014
The Phoenix Center

This building, located on Lawrence Ave., will host several upcoming club investigations. It was built in the 1870's as a Catholic orphanage, but is also served as house for the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind and a Catholic home for unwed mothers.

The second meeting, held on September 9th, was well attended, with over forty students stopping by to discuss upcoming events and go through evidence captured by Mr. Roberts's paranormal group Capital Area Paranormal Society (CAPS). Some of the evidence discussed can be seen at: www.capsinvestigations.com.

Mr. Roberts shared pictures, video, and had the students listen to audio clips from such locations as Ashmore Estates, Virgil Hickox House, Thornhaven Manor and the Phoenix Center. The latter was of particular interest since the students will conduct their first investigation of the year at this location on September 23. We will post results and evidence from the investigation in the upcoming days, once the students have went through their photos, audio recordings, and videos, as well as had a chance to discuss their experiences with others. The Phoenix Center was built in the 1870's as a Catholic orphanage. More information regarding the Phoenix Center and its history can be seen at its website: www.phoenixcenterspringfield.org.

The next meeting will be held on October 2 and feature guest Carl Jones. Jones is the founder of Prairieland Paranormal Consortium and he is also the teacher of paranormal studies classes at Lincoln Land Community College. The next investigation of the Phoenix Center will be on October 7, and students who are interested in attending should have permission slips and money turned in to Mr. Roberts by October 3.