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Paranormal Club Begins 5th Year.

October 6, 2015
Phoenix Center

Students investigated the former orphanage, built in the 1880's. on September 28th. A return visit is scheduled in October.

The Lanphier Paranormal Club, began it's 5th year with two meetings and an investigation of the Phoenix Center in Springfield. Attendance is averaging over 30 students thus far, and 14 attended the first paranormal investigation at the Phoenix Center 109 E. Lawrence Ave. on September 28th. Many of the investigators were first timers and seemed to really enjoy the experience. The next meeting will be on October 16th, with the next investigation scheduled for October 19th. Speakers and out of town investigations are planned for the near future including a trip to the R Theater in Auburn in December! Reports, evidence and photos will be posted in the near future.